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Fellow Traveller
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September 10, 2021 (Calendar)
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Kraken Academy!! is a brand new indie game from developer Happy Broccoli Games.

You are now enrolled in the Kraken Academy, a high school that is far from ordinary. Filled with ghosts, cultists, and other characters, you need to join forces with a magical Kraken to uncover the Traitor, a dark force that threatens the school.

You have three days to find the Traitor, and you have a three-day loop to do so. Learn the routines of your fellow students and teachers, join one of the four clubs on the high school campus, and even participate in a costume party along the way. Filled with quirky characters, Kraken Academy!! is a unique indie game that hopes to challenge you while having a good time with its colorful cast of characters.

Kraken Academy!! is available for the PC, Linux, and Mac systems. 

Developer Quote

While saving the world is definitely an important goal there's a whole range of other activities to dive into. Learn teachers’ and students’ routines as you explore every corner of the campus during this three-day loop. Attend a costume party, become a detective, and help the school's janitor bring down a crime syndicate.

Kraken Academy is split into four clubs: Music, Art, Sports, and Drama:
 Join the alternative Music Club and complete the school’s edgiest rock band.
 Flex your creative flair in the Art Club and show off your work at an exhibition.
 Compete in challenges to become the ultimate warrior in the Sports Club.
 The Drama Club may be full of snobs, but if you can't beat 'em, join em! Who knows, you may even become a star in their next extravagant play.

Lucky for you, you can join them all! With the help of your magical amulet, become a member of a different club during each time loop.

Kraken Academy is a melting pot of wacky personalities. In the Music Club alone you will meet pretty boy and lead vocalist, Vladimir, who struggles with keeping his hysterical fangirls at bay; ill-tempered bassist, Simona, always seen in her giraffe hoodie, who hates everyone (including you); and Broccoli Girl, the drummer, who just can’t get over her ex.

So come on! Grab your uniform, magical time-travelling amulet, and ignore the voice in your head that says this is a terrible idea!