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Jump Over The Age
Fellow Traveller
Release Date
May 5, 2022 (Calendar)
Indie, Adventure, RPG
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From the developer of In Other Waters comes Citizen Sleeper, a narrative-based RPG set in a futuristic, cyberpunk-esque world where death is just a minor setback.

You play as a sleeper, a digitized human mind trapped in an artificial body owned by a corporation in the world of Erlin's Eye. The goal is simple; build relationships with the other inhabitants of Erlin's Eye, earn your keep, and navigate the various factions in hopes to survive to the next cycle. Betray friends and foes alike, hack into the decaying cities' archives, discover secrets long discarded, and make lasting friendships that explore what it means to be a person.

Featuring gorgeous character art from Guillaume Singelin, Citizen Sleeper is a unique experience that will certainly dazzle you at first sight. A deluxe edition of the game is available, containing and soundtrack and artbook. Citizen Sleeper is available for the PC, Nintendo Switch, Xbox One, Xbox Series S and X, and Mac systems. 

Developer Quote

Every cycle you get up and choose what to do with your time. Toil in the yards, or take a bar shift. Search the markets for rare components or grab some street food. Make or break alliances, uncover truths and escape those that hunt you. Learn to survive and ultimately thrive, one cycle at a time.

The station plays host to characters from all walks of life, trying to eke out an existence among the stars. Salvagers, engineers, hackers, bartenders, street-food vendors, each has a history which brought them here. You choose which of them you wish to help, and together you will shape your future.

Essen-Arp: to them you are just property, one more asset in a portfolio that stretches across the stars. You are the product of an abusive system, in a universe where humanity’s expansion is marked by exploitation and extraction. Escape the makers of your decaying body, and chart your own path in a richly imagined, deeply relevant sci-fi world which explores ideas of precarity, personhood and freedom.