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Jump Over The Age
Fellow Traveller
PC, Nintendo Switch
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April 3, 2020 (Calendar)
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In Other Waters is a top-down point-and-click metroidvania text-based adventure game that takes place entirely on a minimalist topographical map.. an exobiologist (someone responsible for studying alien life) working for Baikal Exoplanet Extraction (mining) has come to this planet of her own accord, seeking her old friend and colleague Minae. Upon arriving at the research station on this unnamed planet of infinite ocean, Dr. Vas discovers that the exoskeleton suit worn for exploration is alive. Together, they set out to discover what happened to Minae on this cold, silent planet.

Developer Quote

Play as an Artificial Intelligence guiding a stranded xenobiologist through a beautiful and mysterious alien ocean. A non-violent sci-fi story, enter a world of wonder, fear and vulnerability, unraveling the history and ecology of an impossible planet. What will you discover together?

In Other Waters tells the story of Ellery Vas, a xenobiologist who discovers extraterrestrial life while searching for her missing partner.

When Ellery is called to planet Gliese 677Cc by Minae Nomura, only to arrive at an abandoned base, she finds herself adrift in an ocean of secrets, with little more than a malfunctioning diving suit and a strange AI to guide her. You are this AI.

Guide Ellery—and keep her safe—as you dive deeper and explore an underwater alien landscape. The planet’s unique life, and its dark history, are yours to uncover and the bond between you and Ellery will be tested by the secrets you learn. Through this shifting narrative, In Other Waters asks questions about the nature of “natural” and “artificial” life, and investigates what it means to be a human in an epoch of extreme environmental destruction. For life to continue, it must change.