Star Wars Jedi: Survivor Holotactics Guide: Where to Unlock and Tips for Playing

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Star Wars Jedi: Survivor Holotactics Minigame

Star Wars Jedi: Survivor takes the time to up its status as a sequel to add in more elements that flesh out the RPG experience. One such addition is a tucked away minigame known as Holotactics and its one you can spend quite a lot of bit of time fiddling around with should you want both its rewards and stacking up the units required to play. As the name suggests, Holotactics is a holographic strategy game that’s played on a board in the Pyloon Saloon located in Ramber’s Reach on Koboh. It’s not there by default, however. You’ll need to unlock it as an optional part of the exploration elements and NPC recruitment scattered throughout the map.

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Star Wars Jedi: Survivor Holotactics unlock location.

How to Unlock Holotactics in Star Wars Jedi: Survivor

Head to the Boiling Bluff by way of the Untamed Downs on the west of the map. If you look to the left past the Meditation Point, you should hear someone shouting for help. Using the small raised cliffs, jump across and defeat the beast that is trapping the pair. Once you do, you will encounter Tulli Mu and Bhima Ook who will tell you all about the Holotactics game. After chatting them up, the game will be added to the Pyloon Saloon in Ramber’s Reach.

In order to play Holotactics, head back to the Saloon and up a level (the same one the aquarium is located on) to find Tulli Mu and Bhima Ook in their own room with the Holotactics table. From there you can jump in and start playing.

When you first start Holotactics, you’re to select the opponent you’d like to challenge and defeating them will net some unique rewards. These opponents include the likes of Turgle, Greez, Tulakt, Merrin, Caij, Skoova, T-1N8, and more who can be unlocked.

Playing is easy - spend Battle Points to purchase units (each unit has a specific signed point value, more powerful units cost more etc and are split between Ranged and Melee) and place them on the table. Each challenge includes multiple waves and should you lose one, you will have to restart the challenge from the beginning. Furthermore, additional Battle Points will be awarded for each wave and any unused points will carry over to the next one as well. You must win all waves to complete the challenge.

In order to add more units to your Holotactics deck, scan enemies you encounter out on the battlefield. By the time you unlock Holotactics, you should at least have a decent number of them ready to go. If not, just make sure you’re having BD-1 scan enemies as the prompt comes up as you go.

Star Wars Jedi: Survivor Holotactics Game Screen.

Tips for Playing Holotactics in Star Wars Jedi: Survivor

Like any type of game where you have to spend points to create a team, it’s best to play it smart and not blow all your currency on just a handful of the highest cost units. Typically it’s best to take a look at what your opponent is playing and then adjust accordingly. For example, select some ranged units to combat ranged opponents, or melee units to attack melee units. Make sure you grab one of the heavy hitting high cost droids too for some extra firepower. The great thing about Holotactics is you can mix and match said units to get a feel of how you want your battles to play out. Despite not controlling these skirmishes directly, there’s still that element of strategy when it comes down to decide which units you’ll be sending out to hopefully score you a victory.

Quick Tips:

  • One of the larger robots (10 cost) is a great "tank" you can support with gunners (6) and a rocket trooper (6) if needed.
  • Melee is needed for Skriton and Droidekas
  • For the larger beasts - use 2 gunners (6) and a large robot (10) to quickly defeat them. A rocket trooper(6) works great too.
  • For a group of ranged - a Skriton can do some wicked damage
  • Try and carry some of your points over, especially 2>3 and 3>4 rounds.

For the easiest time, playing towards the end of the game and after defeating all of the bounties available - you'll have a much larger stable to pull from.

Unlocking the Gambler Achievement in Jedi Survivor

Easier said than done - you'll need to defeat every person available at the holotable to unlock the Gambler Achievement / Trophy. In order to unlock them all, some of them you'll need to recruit ahead of time. Of course, winning means you can snag those rewards from each opponent, so make sure to keep on gathering up units and play smart to do just that. In order of difficulty that is:

  • Turgle - 1x Priorite
  • Greez - Cosmetic Jacket
  • Tulakt - Lightsaber Coating
  • Merrin - 1x Scroll
  • Caij - 1x Bounty Puck
  • Scoova - Mustache Cosmetic
  • T-1N8 - 1x Data Disc
  • Tulli - 1x Skill Point


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