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Image of the perk screen in Jedi Survivor with All Perk Slots unlocked

One of the new gameplay aspects of Star Wars Jedi: Survivor is the perk system, which allows you to pick and choose perks that match your playstyle and preferred stance, and power up Cal even further. All of the perk slots are not available at the start of the game though, there are 7 additional you'll need to find. Here's how to unlock all 10 Star Wars Jedi Survivor Perk Slots and get the Perk of the Job achievement.

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Star Wars Jedi Survivor Perk Slots Locations - Koboh

You'll find 4 of the 7 additional Perk Slots on Koboh, and each will have a different puzzle or ability that you'll need. Here they are:


Purchase From Zee Perk Slot #1

The first easily available Jedi Survivor perk slot can be purchased from Zee in the Cantina for 10 data disks.

Image of the map in Jedi Survivor that shows where to get the perk slot from the Nekko Puzzle
Nekko Puzzle Location

Nekko Puzzle Perk Slot #2

You'll find this puzzle in Harvest Ridge, where you'll find a structure you can make your way up to that has some caged Nekkos. You'll have to climb up the hanging crates to make your way into the building, and then bring both of the outside Nekkos on the side of the building in once you open the front door (tip: grab a nekko and put it near the door and grab the power cable and then call the Nekko in.) After bringing both in, disconnect the power and put one Nekko onto the platform near it, and use the other to jump up and connect the power. Grapple up to where you originally entered the building and use the Nekko to climb up to this Perk Slot Upgrade.

Image of Cal on top of the cantina in Jedi Survivor with an arrow pointing where to enter the smuggler's tunnel
Here's where to go for the Smuggler's Tunnel Perk Slot

Smuggler's Tunnel Perk Slot #3

This Koboh Perk Slot is super easy to miss, and you'll need Merrin's Charm to get to it. As shown in the image below, climb up to the top of the Cantina from the Garden, and then fly the Relter over to the hole in the building. You'll cross through a green forcefield and then just follow the path to the upgrade and unlock the shortcut door next to it to make your way back to the cantina.

Image of the Map in Jedi Survivor With The Location of the Perk Slot in Derelict Dam Highlighted

Derelict Dam Perk Slot #4

You'll find this last one at the Derelict Dam, and you'll need Force Lift/Slam to get to it. Head to the Derelict Dam meditation point, and head towards the massive creature the game has you tag at the start of your journey. Once you get near it, to your left you'll see a small platform you can Force Slam down to jump up to the area above. Fight off the enemies above and run past the blocked door to find a power orb, that you'll want to throw to the metal platform you'll see behind you. Jump across and place it into the Beam Generator, and you'll unlock the path.

Head back to where the blocked door was, and use BD to spawn a rolling mine. Jump back the way you came, spawn the mine and and force pick it up and then drop it (DON'T FORCE PUSH) and have it chase you to the wall you saw inside. Pick it up and use it to destroy that wall, and then use BD's ability from the beam up to the climbing wall above it. Wall run on the platforms, climb up and grab this Perk Slot outside.

Star Wars Jedi Survivor Perk Slots Locations - Jedha

Jedha has 3 Perk Slots to find, each of which is tied to a specific puzzle via a named Jedi Path. Here they are:

image of the jedi survivor map with the path of restoration perk slot highlighted

Path of Restoration Perk Slot #5

You only need the Dash ability for this puzzle, and to complete the puzzle you'll need to jump across towards the imperials to find a ball beneath them that once you force pull, will let you push the ball down and unlock a climbing wall. Climb up that wall, move the ball there to unlock a new path for the ball to travel. After that, just change the path of the ball a few times until you can push it up to the top. From there, take the zipline up and defeat some imperials to unlock the stairs to this Perk Point. (Note: There's also a bounty hunter below!)

image of the jedi survivor map with the path of persistence perk slot highlighted

Path of Persistence Perk Slot #6

This one is found out and to the right of the Arid Flats meditation point, and only requires Dash (upgraded Ascension Cable if you want the collectible nearby.) It's a simple puzzle that will have you climbing up to move the channel in place, and then backtracking to force push the ball up to the top. After that, move the channel piece back where it was, and wall run and climb up. Take down the enemies and force push one last time to unlock this new perk slot.

image of the jedi survivor map with the path of conviction perk slot highlighted

Path of Conviction Perk Slot #7

You'll find this perk Slot on the "Path of Conviction" - a puzzle that will have you moving the balls along different slots. Note you need the upgraded ascension cable. Path of conviction puzzle solution:

  • Jump to the side with imperials and pull the ball towards you
  • Jump back to the rope side and push the ball across the lower level to open up a slot to stand.
  • This is where you have to be quick: Start back at the imperial side and pull that ball, jump to the ledge you opened before, push that ball and drop down, then push that ball back to its starting place. Jump back to the rope and push the ball up through the curved slot.
  • This will push the ball up to the top, take the rope up and push the ball along the path and it will open the stairs next to you with the perk slot.

After completing all three of the Jedi Path's - there's a central door that will open in the Wayfinder's Tomb in the middle of the Jedha map. Head there to collect the skill "Map Upgrade: Treasures" which will show you every treasure to collect across the maps, as well as Eno Cordova's Lightsaber.

Unlocking The Perk of the Job Achievement

Now that you've unlocked all 10 Perk Slots, head to the nearest meditation point, and equip perks until you fill out 10/10 slots. Once you do, this achievement will pop!

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