Star Wars Jedi: Survivor - How to Get the Poncho & A Presence I've Not Felt Since Trophy Guide

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Star Wars Jedi Survivor How to Get the Poncho

While much of Star Wars Jedi: Survivor aims to improve itself from the original game, as well as introduce a wealth of new gear and ideas, that’s not to say it’s completely forgotten its roots. One such trophy is all about pulling on those nostalgia strings for Jedi: Fallen Order and if you’ve played that game, then this is something you’ll recognize straight away. More specifically, Cal’s poncho is coming back for a cameo appearance and you’ll need it to satisfy the A Presence I’ve Not Felt Since… trophy/achievement. Here's how to find the Jedi Survivor Poncho.

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Star Wars Jedi Survivor Poncho Location

How to Get the Poncho in Star Wars Jedi: Survivor

As the trophy suggests you’ll need to “wear an old wardrobe staple” and this isn’t something that Cal just automatically has. You’ll need to go find it and it just happens to be out in the world you’ll be exploring after the opening. Once you’re on Koboh, it’s all about tracking this item down. It’s not readily apparent so we’ll walk you through just how to get there.

While on Koboh and starting from Rambler’s Reach Outpost, head to Fort Kah’lin, located north of the outpost and next to the Untamed Downs. If you’ve already been here, you can port right in to the Meditation Point. If not, locate said Meditation Point and use your grapple to climb up on the structure. Keep in mind there are a lot of enemies here so it’s probably best to clear them out before getting to the good part otherwise than can be rather bothersome.

Continue around fighting droids as you go until the hallway opens up and you’re able to exit onto a raised plateau of sorts. There should be a group of droids there and if you get closer, the floor will drop out on you to reveal a secret boss. Again, make sure you’ve taken out the droids here as they can fall in the pit with you and then you’ll have to face not only the boss but also the droids at the same time. It’s not an ideal situation.

The boss itself, known as the Spawn of Oggdo is pretty tough. It’s recommended you avoid getting hit directly by this guy as he does deal a lot of damage. Make sure to dodge and keep away and use a mixture of ranged attacks and heavy hitters if you can. If you’re late in the game, you can even use Cal’s additional Force abilities to do extra damage.

Star Wars Jedi Survivor Poncho Boss

How to Unlock the A Presence I’ve Not Felt Since… Trophy

After defeating the boss, head on over to the big chest located in the back of the cavern. Inside you’ll find Cal’s old poncho from the original game. It’s not in the best shape, but it’ll do. To trigger the trophy/achievement, simply enter the Customization menu and select the poncho in the jacket slot and Cal will equip it accordingly. One specific thing to note about said poncho is that it does start out pink in color, so if you’d like to change it, you can do so in the same Customization menu while selecting the item.

That’s really all there is to it and the poncho is a great throwback to the original game to carry with you while playing Jedi: Survivor.

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