Star Wars Jedi: Survivor Legendary Adversaries Locations Guide

Last Update: April 28, 2023


Star Wars Jedi Survivor Legendary Adversaries Guide

Star Wars Jedi: Survivor’s many paths of exploration will really put your traversal skills to the test with the introduction of Legendary Adversaries. Legendary Adversaries are just one of many side quests you can partake in on your journey. Whilst they are entirely optional, you will need to find all 13 and defeat them if you want to unlock the I’m a Living Legend trophy/achievement.

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Legendary Adversary Locations in Star Wars Jedi: Survivor

These opponents are scattered all over on multiple planets from Koboh, to Jedha and even Coruscant. You can usually find them out on the field, and in some cases, they can come about as part of the side quest Rumor system, so be sure to head back to the cantina periodically to see if anything is being offered. There’s even some secret bosses out there far away from the beaten path so you’re encouraged to explore around as much as you can. To make things easier, we’ve compiled all of them and where to find them.

Legendary Adversary

Legendary Adversary Locations on Coruscant

  • D-L1T - Courscant, Hangar 2046-C. After exiting the Mantis, head inside the building on the left. The droid is located towards the north of the map after taking a left from the main hallway and using BD-1’s electricity ability on the door charge. You'll find Slice: DT Sentry behind this legendary enemy.
  • Frenzied Jotaz - Courscant, Undercity Meats. Use BD-1’s electro dart ability to open the door here and find the Jotaz. You should hear a lot of noise signaling where it is.

Legendary Adversary Locations on Koboh

  • E3-VE3 - Untamed Downs, Level B. Follow the abandoned mine location located at the west side of the Untamed Downs and go inside the old facility there. The Droideka should be in the last room on the right.
  • Gorocco Matriarch - Access this location in the Derelict Dam by blowing up the tucked away wall to the right of the main dam. It should be the same type of cracked wall you blew up earlier to get across. You can take one of the rolling mines across the platforming wall and toss it with the Force to destroy it. Once inside, follow the path around to find the matriarch.
  • Beetu Deetu - Located in the Southern Reach just past the gap you can jump over near the lumbering beast, heading into the valley.
  • Rancor - When searching for the “Missing Prospectors” for the rumor, you’ll find this Rancor in Sodden Grotto level C, right near a Meditation Point.
  • The Mire Terror - After gaining the Force ability to push something up or down, head back to the original crash site and through the big locked gate you couldn’t enter at the start. At the end is an elevator, take it down and then use the platforms to make your way to the area on the left. The Mire Terror will be on the piece of land right after said platforms.
  • Vile Bilemaw - You’ll find the Vile Bilemaw in the Fogged Expanse - past where you find Skoova and the Chamber of Detachment. This is a tricky one to get to - there’s a platform above it that isn’t active until you defeat it. Head along the path and you’ll see on the map there’s an angled dropdown which you can drop onto to reach this tough legendary. Once you’ve defeated it, you can pick up the Fortitude Perk nearby.
  • Son of Oggdo - Found while looking for the poncho, head to Fort Kah’lin and follow the platform up around near the Meditation Point. Once you come to an open area, the floor will drop out to reveal the Son of Oggdo.
  • The Massif - Head to the Yurt Barracks on Koboh. Go left of the barracks until you’re able to climb up and then use the Force Lift ability to go through a door to find it.
  • Urgost, Fist of Rayvus - While making your way up the Observatory Understructure on Koboh, you’ll encounter Urgost as you try and get to the top. Can’t miss him.
Legendary Adversary

Legendary Adversary Locations on Jedha

  • Golden Skriton - You’ll find the Golden Skriton on Jedha, and where you exit the base you’ll want to head towards the meditation point and then go left. Near where the path heads towards areas you’ve been before, you’ll find a large valley with flying creatures in it. You’ll find the Golden Skriton here, he’s challenging but if you use Crossguard and do a jumping downward slash - you can chop off his main arm and make it much easier! Once defeated the “Unflinching” Perk is nearby.
  • Sutaban Alpha - Found in the Crypt of Uhrma location just past where Skoova Stev is seen fishing. You’ll need to have obtained the ability to pass through the green barriers to get here but once inside, the adversary is easy to spot.

Unlocking the I’m a Living Legend Trophy

Unlocking the I’m a Living Legend Trophy is easy enough. Once you’ve downed the last adversary it should pop up for you. There isn’t anything extra to do other than enjoy the fact that you took on 13 of the toughest foes in the game.

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