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Star Wars Jedi Survivor Cantina Recruits Guide

During your time with Star Wars Jedi: Survivor, you’ll be spending a good chunk of it checking back at Pyloon’s Saloon in Rambler’s Reach for the latest and greatest chatter from throughout the land. To help spread the word about this watering hole, Cal has the ability to recruit people to his cause of sorts. Gathering these NPCs is important because they’ll help you along with side quests and other tales that really flesh out the world. Here's where to get every Jedi Survivor Cantina Recruit.

Upon gathering all 11 recruits from both Koboh and Jedha, you’ll be able to unlock the Max Capacity trophy/achievement. That means you’ve got a full cantina, so let’s get to parsing out where exactly you can find each of them while you’re out exploring.

Star Wars Jedi Survivor Cantina Recruits' Locations

  • Skoova - You’ll come across Skoova if you follow the “Investigate the Abandoned Shack” rumor on Koboh to Prospector’s Folly. He’ll be beside a small pool, and ask to meet you back at the Saloon to inspect the tank. This same location is also where you’ll find the See fish. Otherwise, you’ll find him at one of the fishing/water spots throughout the game.
  • T-1N8 - Near where you recruit Skoova, there’s a flying creature you can glide across the canyon on. Defeat the 3 Raiders on the opposite side of the structure, and then there’s a piece of metal you ran tear off a dropdown. Drop down, and you’ll find T-1N8
  • Ashe Javi and DeeDee - Found via the “Find the Musician and their Droid” Rumor, which you can get from speaking to Monk at the Saloon. You’ll hear them from a bit away, and they’ll head back to the Saloon.
  • Tulli Mu and Bhima Ook - Head to the Boiling Bluff by way of the Untamed Downs on the west of the map. If you look to the left past the Meditation Point, you should hear someone shouting for help. Using the small raised cliffs, jump across and defeat the beast that is trapping the pair. Once you do, talk to them to add Holotactics to Pyloon’s Saloon.
  • Pili Walde - As you progress through the Pilgrim’s Path in Jedha, you’ll come across Pili Walde shortly after you pass the Crypt of Uhrma. Just talk with her, and she’ll head back to the Saloon and you’ll have a gardener to help expand and fill your garden!
  • Zygg and Wini - Head to the Vicid Bog on Koboh to take on the Rumor there. You’ll find this pair in their hut. Find the datapad on top of the spire using the Lift Force ability, talk to them and head back to Pyloon’s.
  • Pit Droid - Head back towards the Gorge Crash Site on Koboh to help the droid you probably saw earlier. Once you have the Force Lift ability, you can lift the ship out of the sludge and the Pit Droid will join you.
  • Caij - Recruit Caij on your way through the Devastated Settlement. She also gives you access to the Bounty Hunts and you can talk to her back in the cantina to get Rumors on where to find them.
  • Toa - You’ll meet Toa on your way to the Forest Array in Koboh. She loves to give tips to find Jedi Chambers!
  • Jawa - Find the Jawas as part of a Rumor in the Bygone Settlement on Koboh. You’ll need the air dash and upgraded zipline abilities to get up there and will have to deal with a lot of platforming in order to get to the sandcrawler located there.
  • Mosey and Turgle - This pair is recruited automatically when you meet them on Koboh during the course of the story.
Cantina Recruits

Unlocking the Max Capacity Achievement / Trophy

As soon as you’ve found everyone across both Koboh and Jedha, the trophy/achievement for Max Capacity will automatically trigger for you. There’s nothing else you really need to do other than make sure your last recruit gets the little message that says they are in fact recruited. Head back to the cantina and chat them up and from there things like Jedi Chambers and Bounty Hunts will be more accessible.

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