Star Wars Jedi: Survivor Bounties Guide: Locations and the Caij Match Achievement

Last Update: April 27, 2023


Star Wars Jedi Survivor Caij Vanda Bounties Guide

One of the more interesting and time-consuming side items in Star Wars Jedi: Survivor has to do with bounty hunters. As you play through the game you’ll soon learn that it’s more than just the Empire hot on Cal’s trail. To facilitate this, there is a series of hunts you can take on that will have you carting off all over the galaxy in order to find them and take them out.

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How to Unlock Bounty Hunting in Star Wars Jedi: Survivor

Bounty Hunts become unlocked during your time on Koboh. You’ll encounter a woman named Caij and she gives you access to the marks available as Cal preps to take on the Haxion Brood. Each mark offers up a special currency that can be spent with Caij back at Pyloon’s Saloon and includes munitions upgrades for Cal’s blaster, BD-1’s splicing abilities and blaster parts.

One of the interesting aspects about the hunt marks is how you can either encounter them on the field, or return to Pyloon’s Saloon and chat with Caij for the associated Rumor on where to find them. The latter is especially helpful if you’d like to cover ground more quickly and scoop up the rewards for collecting all 16 bounties. We’ve done the work for you and put together a list separated by planet.

Star Wars Jedi Survivor Caij Vanda Bounty

Bounty Locations in Star Wars Jedi: Survivor


  • Korej Lim - Korej appears as you’re making your way across the volcanic area of Koboh known as the Devastated Settlement. He tries to ambush you as you first arrive using a gliding mount and it’s here Caij shows up to introduce you to the marks system.
  • Meyen Corr - This bounty hunter is located just inside the entrance to Boiling Bluff if you’re coming from the Untamed Downs area. You’ll most likely run into Meyen after completing Boiling Bluff. Counts as “Haxion Brood Gunslinger” in the Tactical Guide.
  • Kip Ostar - Located in the Derelict Dam, inside the building with the rolling mine that comes at you from the floor. The bounty hunter shows up a little ways down the hall. Easily dispatched with Crossguard Stance, and counts as “Haxion Brood Shock Commando” in the Tactical Guide.
  • Raz - Fast Travel to the Forest Array and jump the zipline to your left. Head down and through the door, and take a left into the circular “arena” area to take down Raz, who counts as a “Haxion Brood Bounty Droid”.
  • Selfin Jook - Head back up to the Observatory Understructure to catch Selfin Jook just off of the Meditation Point. You’ll need to platform across on some floating devices to get to the main platform.
  • Vaslyn Martz - Chase the Rumor to the middle of the Fogged Expanse section of Prospector’s Folly. There you’ll be ambushed by Valsyn and other bounty hunters.
  • Jo the Cannibal - The final bounty hunter Rumor has you traversing back through the Lucrehulk. The Meditation Points won’t be active so you’ll have to make your way back in from the entrance and on over to the Yurt Barracks to encounter Jo.


  • Yuhong - Find Yuhong in the Path of Restoration, located in the main open area of the desert outside and to the left of Cere’s base.
  • Kili Oso - Follow Caij’s Rumor to the planet Jedah and from there you’ll be crossing the big bridge on the way to the Sanctuary Temple once again. Kili Oso and a group of bounty hunters will be inside.
  • Corde and PR-85T - Follow the Rumor back to Jedha and this pair can be tackled at the Halls of Ranvell. You’ll need to platform back up to the top in order to face them.

Shattered Moon

  • Mash - On another Rumor from Caij, you’ll head to the Shattered Moon to catch Mash just down the elevator from the landing pad inside the entrance to the Automated Forge.


  • Gatt Medo - This time the Rumor will have you go to Coruscant and you can find Gatt Medo in the Freight Handling Depot to the left of the Meditation Point there.

Nova Garon

  • Masi, Fenn, and Cleo - This trio can be located at Nova Garon. You’ll need to enter the Hangar Bay and make your way back across using the platforming afforded by BD-1’s charge ability.
Star Wars Jedi Survivor Caij Vanda Location

How to Obtain the Caij Match Achievement in Star Wars Jedi: Survivor

After defeating all 16 bounties, head back to Pyloon’s Saloon to talk to Caij. You’ll notice she’s left you a message telling you to meet her where it all began. Travel to the Devastated Settlement and you can talk to her to trigger a scene and eventually a battle.


Upon defeating Caij, a mysterious stranger will appear and the scene will continue to play out, granting you the Caij Match achievement/trophy. With that done and dusted, your adventures in bounty hunting is now complete. Cal can rest a little easier with less people chasing after him.  

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