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The Medium Mentors Diaries Collectable 2

Through The Medium, there are a variety of different collectibles you can be searching for. One of these collectibles is the pages from Richard's diary. There are a total of seven that you will find throughout your journey and while if you're doing your due diligence sleuthing you might come across all of these on your own there are a few that are tucked away in some hard-to-reach locations.

What do I get for collecting all of The Medium Mentor's Diaries?

While for many people the big reward received by collecting these Mentor's Diaries is the knowledge of completion, and the extra bits of knowledge you learn about Richard, an important character to the story of The Medium. If that isn't enough then those who enjoy earning achievements will also gain the following:

  • Guiding Light Achievement - You Found A Page From A Mentors Diary
  • Devouring Darkness Achievement - You Found All The Pages From Richard's Diary In A Single Playthrough

How do I find all of The Medium Mentor's Diaries?

Mentor’s Diaries #1 - An Apology

The Medium Mentors Diaries Collectable 1

After dropping down the hole to the room on the first floor (where you encountered Memory Shard #1) head to the right until you’re in a small hallway. Walking towards the camera you’ll end up in a bathroom, in the sink you’ll not only find Echo #4 but also Mentor’s Diaries #1. If there's one that you're going to miss... it's going to be this one. It's mostly off the beaten path, and also tricks the players with needing to walk towards the camera into a room you might not even have known existed.

By interacting with this item you’ll also earn the Guiding Light Achievement.


Mentor’s Diaries #2 - Throwing Away Greatness

Immediately after you enter the dayroom you’ll see a bookshelf and boxes of documents to your left. Interact with the single point there and you’ll see a picture of a horse as well as this diary page.


Mentor’s Diaries #3 - A Well of Inspiration

The Medium Mentors Diaries Collectable 3

Immediately after you enter the Dayroom head to the right. Walk along the wall with flowers painted on it and you’ll reach a chair you can interact with. On it is then the diary page.


Mentor’s Diaries #4 - A Very Special Box

As you enter the Dayroom you’ll see a couch to the left against a wall. Sitting on it is this collectible.


Mentor’s Diaries #5 - A Method to Madness

The Medium Mentor's Diaries Collectible 5

From the Dayroom head through the doorward in the far back left of where you entered. As soon as you’re through the door’s threshold and the camera angle changes you should see it directly to Marianne’s left.


Mentor’s Diaries #6 - Growing Apart

In the Teachers room at the Dayroom, this document will be on the table in the back. It will be the middle interactable item with the final piece of sheet music to the left, and a Memory Shard to the right.


Mentor’s Diaries #7 - A New Home

The Medium Mentor's Diaries Collectable 7

After leaving the Dayroom via the waspy hallway head down the stairs. Once you’re at the bottom of the stairs have Marianne head straight all the way to the right side of the room. In a little alcove filled with chairs and desks, you’ll find the next document. With this final Mentor's Diary document collected you should unlock the Devouring Darkness Achievement (as long as you got them all in a single playthrough)

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