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One of the collectibles that you'll earn is The Medium Groundskeeper's Postcards. These are some of the brightest colors that you'll come across in your journey through The Medium. Across the campaign you'll find eleven of the Postcards, some of them are directly on your path while others are squirrelled away. There's definitely one that you'll need to be sure to keep your eye out for as your opportunity to grab it can go by in a flash if you don't know what you're looking for.


What do I get for collecting The Medium Groundskeeper's Postcards?

These Postcards tell the story of the Groundskeeper of the Niwa Hotel and how he ties into all of the strange happenings that you stumble into. While I won't delve into what story these Postcards will reveal what I CAN reveal is the achievements that you'll unlock for collecting the Groundskeeper's Postcards

  • From Niwa With Love - You Found A Postcard From The Groundskeeper
  • All That's Left Unsaid - You Found All of Frank's Postcards In A Single Playthrough


Where can I find The Medium Groundskeeper's Postcards?

Postcard #1 - Niwa Says Hello

The Medium Postcard Collectable 1

After you first get to the gate instead of walking down the side of the building and hopping over the wall with the help of a dumpster go into the gatehouse. Inside you’ll find your first Groundskeeper's Postcard on the floor. With the first Postcard, you’ll also earn the From Niwa With Love Achievement.


Postcard #2 - Honest Work

After making your way to the Niwa Hotel building (after ducking under the fallen log and having another Spirit episode) take a look inside the parked car for your second postcard. The parked car is kind of difficult to spot but if you get to the circular driveway leading up to the entrance of the hotel and take a left it will be a few screens away.


Postcard #3 - Promotion

The Medium Postcard Collectable 3

From the start of the hotel lobby walk up the small stairs and past the broken elevator. Before you get to the gate at the far end of the lobby there is an area to the right. Here there’s a standing ashtray with a postcard on top of it.


Postcard #4 - Someday

The Medium Postcard Collectable 4

After leaving the Pool area a lot later in the game you'll find yourself in a locker room. Head around the obstacle towards the windows and to the right and there will be a box. Looking inside you’ll find this postcard.


Postcard #5 - A Scenic View

When you get to choose between helping the stuck entity on the left or right go out the right and leave through the mirror. In the Examination Room, you’ll pick up the key to the locked door. Once you head into the locked room follow the balcony around counter-clockwise until you see a bin in the corner. Pick the postcard up from ere.


Postcard #6 - Won’t Stop

The Medium Postcard Collectable 6

After delving through Thomas’ Memories and regaining control of Marianne you’ll be outside. Walk down the steps and at the first intersection travel to the left. The Postcard will be on a park bench just to your left when the camera shifts.


Postcard #7 - Poor Thing

Continuing through the outside segment of the game you’ll reach a telescope and a sign talking about “Reclaiming History”. There will be a log bench to the right of these objects with your next postcard.


Postcard #8 - Harder and Harder

The Medium Postcard Collectable 8

Heading down the Nature Trail you’ll come to a fork in the road. Take the left fork down the Landscape Trail (Don’t worry about backtracking, there’s nothing on the right path). There will be a bench on the left that the postcard is on.


Postcard #9 - Whispers in the Dark

After the cutscene with the dog in the nature park instead of following it to the left take the path to the right. There will be a bench on the left with the Postcard on it. You can now backtrack and follow the dog up the hill. Make sure you DO NOT check the tent where the Dog leads you until you get Postcard #10.


Postcard #10 - A New Companion

The Medium Postcard Collectable 10

As you follow the dog you’ll get to a cutscene of a man talking within a tent. When you regain control of Marianne again, DO NOT CHECK THE TENT. Head to the fire and seating area and you’ll find another postcard on the bench. After you’ve collected that, NOW, you may approach the tent.


Postcard #11 - Regrets

After you look in the tent and see the body to its side will be the eleventh Postcard. It will be the collectible on the ground that's the furthest away from the body. Once you pick this Postcard up your All That's Left Unsaid achievement will pop.



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