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Marianne experiencing headaches in the spirit world in The Medium

Bloober Team's spooky dual-world horror game The Medium is headed to PS5 next month. To whet your appetite for its scary shenanigans, Bloober Team's Szymon Erdmański has taken to PlayStation Blog to reveal some of the game's DualSense features on Sony's machine.

What sort of The Medium DualSense features can we expect?

In the blog post, Erdmański says Bloober Team is taking "full advantage" of DualSense's features in order to immerse players deeper into the setting of the Niwa Hotel. Marianne's abilities will all interact with the DualSense; as she holds up her Spirit Shield, moths in the spirit world will collide with it, causing the controller to react accordingly. In addition, when you leave Marianne's body in your spirit form, the controller will pulsate quicker and quicker as your spirit deteriorates, giving you clear feedback on when it's time to head back.


A PlayStation banner image showing the haptic feedback feature in The Medium
The DualSense will make it feel like moths are physically colliding with your controller in The Medium.

Another example of The Medium's DualSense features is the Spirit Blast ability. At times during The Medium's narrative, you'll be asked to charge up your Spirit Blast ability, which will power certain appliances or otherwise help you to explore your environment. When you do this on the PS5 version, the adaptive triggers on the DualSense will initially resist, then get gradually looser, helping you to know when the blast is fully charged. You can also expect the game to interact with the controller's light bar, speaker, and motion controls; the light bar will show you when you're in danger, for example, so you can react accordingly.

When is The Medium PS5 release date?

You'll be able to get your hands on The Medium on PS5 on September 3rd. Bloober Team is promising "a lot of hand-picked moments" in the game's story that will interact with the DualSense, but the team says they don't want to spoil these features. You'll just have to grab the game for yourself in a few weeks to see what it has to offer on Sony's next-gen machine.

If you can't wait until September - and you've got a reasonably beefy PC - you can pick The Medium up via the Microsoft Store or via Steam right now. The game is also available to play on Xbox Series X|S, so grab it through the Microsoft Store if you want to play it on Microsoft's next-gen platforms.


Are you looking forward to The Medium on PS5? Let us know in the comments below!

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