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The Medium, the first next-gen exclusive Xbox Series X|S title has finally arrived. This new horror title from Bloober Team, now well known for Blair Witch and the Layers of Fear series, follows Marianne a spiritual Medium as she takes on her latest case of the supernatural. This achievement, while not taking long, does take you to a part of Jack's house at the beginning of the game that you might not even have known existed. Get this out of the way quick as it is missable and might require another playthrough to fix

How do I earn The Medium Famished Feline achievement?

After taking control of Marianne open the door out of Jack’s study. From there continue straight forward into the hallway and through the first door on the right to find the kitchen. The kitchen is simple and littered with a few pots and pans as well as the all Important cat food.

The Medium Famished Feline Kitchen
It really is just that simple, as long as you find the kitchen that is...

Once you’re in the kitchen locate the cans of cat food on the counter. Pick one up and head to the cat dish by the door. Interacting with the bowl brings up your inventory. From here simply select the cat food and wait for the cat to appear. It will stroll along and chow down on the precious food you've laid at its feet. Completing this simple quest will net you 20gs and the Famished Feline Achievement.

While this Achievement is missable the fact that you can earn it as soon as you start a game means you can always just restart and acquire it. Get in there and get earning. Look out for TechRaptor over the coming weeks for more achievement guides. You can also check out our review of the game right here. If you have anything you're stuck on, let us know.

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