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A mosasaurus jumping out of the water in Jurassic World Evolution 2

Jurassic World Evolution 2's fourth Chaos Theory map is all about creating the park from Jurassic World. Even though they succeeded in the film, they made one tiny misstep in creating the Indominus rex. You're still going to do this because it couldn't possibly go wrong this time around, but you'll stick around for a little longer just to make sure it doesn't immediately rampage around the park. Be sure to read our Chaos Theory Tips and Tricks first since these apply to all of the Chaos Theory maps. This Jurassic World Chaos Theory guide will help you keep your hybrid safe in its paddock.

Starting Small | Jurassic World Chaos Theory

You know the drill by now -- you'll need to construct the necessary buildings to get started, including a Science Center, Response Facility, and Paleo-medical Facility. Next, you'll have three different species arriving soon: a herd of Ankylosaurus and Triceratops, and a T. rex.

The step after is to get them all to 80% comfort, so you might as well set up their enclosures as you're waiting for the dinosaurs. The Ankylosaurus' need a fairly large space with equal amounts of ground leaf and ground fruit. The Triceratops like ground leaf and a forested area, and the T. rex needs sand, forest, and a live prey feeder as usual.

Now you can add a restroom and emergency shelter and open Jurassic World to the public. Your whiny guests will need 50% food, drink, and shopping amenity coverage, as well as a guest comfort rating of 90%. In the Jurassic World era, guest comfort is also affected by your travel rating since you have access to monorails to speed them to different sections of the park.

A monorail station in Jurassic World Evolution 2

Requiring the comfort rating to be so high is their way of highly suggesting you build a monorail. You can't build on to the existing monorail since it's out of bounds, so you'll have to start anew if you want one. You can get around this if you don't want to build one yet. First, you can build the amenities before you open the park. As soon as you open it, your travel rating should automatically be high since no one's really walked anywhere yet, giving you all of the objectives fast.

I didn't know this step was coming, so my comfort rating had gone down by the time the amenities were built. My solution was to move viewing galleries closer toward the entrance and shove an overabundance of restrooms and shelters on the paths. I did eventually build a monorail later in the stage, but you don't need it now.

The last objective to get things off the ground is to create an enclosure for the arrival of some Gallimimus. If you want to stick them with an existing herbivore, I recommend the Triceratops since they're less picky about space, and you won't need three different types of foliage.

Creating a Hamster Ball Tour | Jurassic World Chaos Theory

Unsurprisingly, your next task is to increase the total dinosaur species to six. They've already given you four, so all you need is two more. Get going on those expeditions and extract some dino DNA. I chose to add the tiny Compsognathus and two Apatosaurus.

The next step is to create a gyrosphere ride. I went a little above and beyond during this step to prepare for future expansion. I built up genomes of the Archaeornithomimus, Dracorex, Edmontosaurus, and Parasaurolophus, and created a huge three-part enclosure on the left side of the park. I weaved the gyrosphere through all three sections.

The Dracorex and Parasaurolophus can live happily together in one section, and they both need ground nut (the Dracorex also needs a little ground leaf.) I grouped the Archaeornithomimus and Edmontosaurus together in another. Despite needing ground fiber, fruit, and forest, they don't need a large area, so this was easily doable. I left the third section for a future dinosaur.

A gyrosphere tour in Jurassic World

I managed to skip the next set of objectives entirely because I already had them fulfilled. The game asks you to:

  • Increase the number of VIP (luxury) guests to 125
  • Have an accommodation rating of 95%
  • Increase per minute profit from amenities to $150,000

Luxury guests are attracted by dinosaur variety, hotels, and gyrospheres. I built enclosures for my Apatosaurus and Ankylosaurus around a large hotel. I also placed amenities as I expanded to the left and right. At this point, I had two sets of medium amenities and one set of small amenities.

As you work on these objectives, I recommend you send your scientists on expeditions to hunt down Carnotaurus, Gigantosaurus, Velociraptor, and T. rex fossils. You'll need at least 25% genomes of the first two and 50% genomes of the raptor and rexy. This will save you some time in the future.

Diving In | Jurassic World Chaos Theory

You'll probably start to get bad storms during this stage, if not sooner. Unlike the regular tropical storms in Jurassic Park, you'll sometimes get storms accompanied by tornadoes here. The storms themselves still do damage to fences and facilities, but almost anywhere the tornado touches will break. When a storm came, I kept checking the map view for the big red twister icon and then drove a ranger car toward it (not in it, the car will be destroyed too!), so they'd be near any destroyed structures. Having a second Response Facility is handy, so one can control tornado damage while the other handles routine storm failures.

A tornado tearing through Jurassic World

Naturally, Jurassic World needs a Mosasaurus, the giant shark-gobbling marine reptile from the film. The game will ask you to research and build a lagoon, marine hatchery, and viewing stands. I advise you to research the Mosasaurus before you do, so you can have your scientists going on expeditions and extracting DNA as you construct the buildings.

Like the T. rex, the Mosasaurus is expensive to obtain, each expedition alone costing $2.2 million, and at least another $3 million to synthesize and incubate, assuming you don't modify the DNA. If you're low on cash, just manage your park and resist the urge to spend in the meantime. A single Mosasaur requires five lagoon sections to be 100% comfortable, but four will get you to 93%, which is perfectly fine here.

You Asked for More Teeth | Jurassic World Chaos Theory

They want you to make the raptor squad now. If you were diligent about getting Velociraptor fossils earlier, this shouldn't be a problem, especially compared to the Mosy. If you'd like, you can use the Velociraptor skins of Blue, Charlie, Delta, and Echo from the film. This requires you to synthesize and incubate four different clutches though, so if you're short on funds or want to get it done as fast as possible, you'll only need one or two clutches.

We're finally closing in on the end. Get all the required dinosaur genomes ready if you haven't already, and then research the heavy fence (not that it helped in the film). Since the Indominus rex is a designer hybrid, you'll have instant access to her from the hatchery. Synthesize, incubate, and release the beast! Don't worry, nothing terrible will happen immediately afterward as it did with Rexy in Jurassic Park. She will break out of her enclosure every time there's a storm though, even with the heavy fence, because her comfort threshold is very tight. Be ready to tranquilize and send her back when a tropical storm arrives.

An Indominus rex lying down in Jurassic World
Even apex predators need a rest sometimes

The last set of objectives is similar to Jurassic Park. You need to:

  • Have 1500 guests in your park with a comfort rating of 90%
  • Increase total dinosaur species to 12
  • Reach park rating of 5 stars
  • Increase total cash to $3 million

The last objective is a little strange, but I guess it just means they don't want you to go bankrupt trying to finish the other three.

For comfort, you'll need that monorail now. I only had a single monorail going from the entrance to the left side of the park, where my gyrosphere tour was, and my travel rating was at 93%, even though I had expanded a fair amount to the right as well. Aside from this, you just need enough hotels to accommodate guests -- I needed two large and one small, as one large and two small would've put me a little short. You should've been placing restrooms and shelters as you expanded, but try to find any gaps if you're still below 90%.

I already had twelve species thanks to my dual herbivore habitats. My T. rex and Ankylosaurus did die of old age, but I simply replaced the T. rex with two more since I had to increase the genome anyway, and put Olorotitan and Stegosaurus where the Ankylosaurus' were. I also had a Carnotaurus enclosure.

My complete Jurassic World Chaos Theory map
My complete Jurassic World layout

You should be close to five stars since you'll have a lot of dinosaur appeal with the T. rex, Mosasaurus, and Indominus rex. Shove more amenities in where you see red pathways and the most difficult Chaos Theory map, Jurassic World, is complete!

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