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The Chaos Theory screen in Jurassic World Evolution 2

In Jurassic World Evolution 2, Chaos Theory allows you to explore what would happen if you were put in charge of all of the failed parks and ventures from the Jurassic Park and Jurassic World films. While Campaign mode is a glorified tutorial, Chaos Theory acts as a more traditional campaign. These general Chaos Theory tips should start you off on the right foot. Since the only way to truly fail, i.e. need to reload a save or reset the map, is to go bankrupt, these tips basically all revolve around making or saving you money.

Get Cash Flowing

Three out of the five Chaos Theory modes start out with the parks unopened. In other words, you're losing money. My first piece of advice is always to focus on getting the park open to get cash flowing, otherwise you'll be in debt before you know it. Do the initial tasks quickly and don't make unnecessary expenditures until guests can get in the door. After that, you can start to do more research as well as redesign and spruce up your park.

Use Low-Cost Power

For some odd reason, the default power supply is the backup generator. However, backup generators require constant refueling, which is expensive, and should never be used as your primary power source. As soon as you're able (i.e. you have staff and a science center), drop into research and find the power node in the Structures category. Research improved power technology. Creating a map of substations and pylons is uglier, but a lot cheaper.

The power research screen in Jurassic World Evolution 2

Once that's done, you can scrap any backup generators you start with. Alternatively, you can keep them, but make sure you always expand your power grid as you create new enclosures and buildings, otherwise they might sap fuel from the backup generators instead.

Widen Your Paths

The game is a little cagey about explaining the purpose of wider paths. All it says is that it can accommodate more guests in high-traffic areas. What implementing wider paths truly does is increase your path capacity, which acts as a cap for how many people you can have in your park.

The guests screen in Jurassic World Evolution 2

You can see this by selecting the star rating in the lower right-hand corner and then checking the guests tab. If the path capacity is about the same as your current guest count, you might want to consider researching wider paths and then replacing your existing ones. All you have to do is toggle on the replacement option when using the path tool. Obviously you also need more dinosaurs to attract more people, but that will only do so much good if they can't fit in your park. More people equals more money and more money means faster expansion and objective completion.

Manage Amenity Modules

Early in the first Chaos Theory map, Jurassic Park, they tell you to create amenities to appease your guests, but they don't explain product types or modules. First off, you can change each amenity to sell different things by selecting the amenity and then configuring it. For example, you can serve burgers, sushi, ice cream, and much more at the food amenity.

Configuring a shopping amenity in Jurassic World Evolution 2

You'll notice each option has one or more people icons under it. These correspond to the guest types that will enjoy that particular product. The guest types are general, adventure, nature, and luxury. Luckily, for the purposes of managing amenities, you don't really need to care about that. As you scroll over each product type, the income and running costs will increase or decrease depending on the percentage of each guest type in your park. Simply choose the one that makes your profit the highest on that amenity.

Once that's done, you need to add interior modules, things like charity boxes or an arcade. The same rule applies. Scroll over modules until you find the one that increases your profit the most. If the profit bar turns red, that means it's projected to go down if you add that module. You don't need to fill up every empty module slot if, after adding a couple, every additional module would decrease your profit.

Strategize Dinosaur Dominance

A dinosaur's dominance is calculated using its attack and defense stats. There are also three traits that increase dominance: aggressive, social, and antisocial. Despite the fact that they all say they increase dominance by 30%, the aggressive trait actually gives a 10% boost on top of that.

If a dinosaur with the highest dominance in a pack is not the alpha, indicated by the crown icon on its status window, it will continuously fight the alpha until it wins. The problem with this is that if their attack stat is the same, the lower-dominance alpha can keep winning, causing your dinosaurs to fight over and over again.

A velociraptor with the aggressive and social traits

Typically, when dinos fight, they end up with a minor or major injury. Minor injuries have to be diagnosed by your paleo-medical team, but can be treated immediately. However, major injuries, which are a more common result of fighting in carnivores, must be diagnosed and require surgery. To do this, you have to tranquilize them, send them to the Paleo-medical Facility, assign scientists to treat them, wait a few minutes, and finally send them back to their enclosure. This is a lot of micromanaging and a big waste of resources.

How do you solve this dominance dilemma? You want your initial release to be entirely dinosaurs of the same dominance. This means you can have dinos with no traits affecting dominance (including attack and defense traits), all dinos with the aggressive trait, all dinos with the social/antisocial traits, or all dinos with the same boost to attack or defense. This will make their dominance value equal, meaning they'll be happy with the established alpha out of the gate and won't fight to gain the upper claw. Alternatively, you can try to release a dino with the aggressive, social, or antisocial traits that also has an increased attack stat. Hopefully, this will mean that even if it does get into a fight, it will win the first time and take the crown, establishing order.

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