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A JP-style Velociraptor in Jurassic World Evolution 2

Jurassic World Evolution 2's Chaos Theory charges you with successfully running the defunct parks that never were or shouldn't have been. It's more like a proper campaign than the actual Campaign mode, and each map will take you one to several hours to complete depending on the difficulty and your pace. Before we begin, be sure to read our Chaos Theory Tips and Tricks first since these apply to all of the Chaos Theory maps. This guide will explain how to complete the first Chaos Theory map, Jurassic Park.

You Bred Raptors? | Jurassic Park Chaos Theory

The beginning of Jurassic Park Chaos Theory acts like a mini tutorial to show you what you'll be doing in the Chaos Theory mode as a whole. They'll ask you to do some simple tasks -- place a Visitor Center and Science Center in predesignated locations highlighted in blue. Do this and connect them to the existing path. As soon as you get your Science Center, research Improved Power Technology so you can replace your backup generators with a power station and some pylons.

The second task introduces you to how you'll usually be filling your park with more dinosaurs. Research the Hatchery by assigning a scientist with enough logistics and genetics skill points to it, then place the Hatchery at the requested spot. Click the Hatchery, then synthesize the Velociraptor DNA. This will fail by default and they'll prompt you to research improved synthesis -- their way of demonstrating the importance of researching upgrades when available.

The hatchery research screen in Jurassic World Evolution 2

The second synthesis will succeed and then you can incubate the egg clutch. Make sure to check any traits affecting dominance before you choose which eggs to release. If you want, you can also add a fence, secluding the release area of the Hatchery, and then split the huge enclosure in two down the middle. You can then add gates to each sector of the enclosure from the release area. Open one gate when you release the raptors, and they'll run off to their side. The other side can be saved for future dinosaurs.

Opening the Park | Jurassic Park Chaos Theory

The next few steps aren't anything you haven't already done in Campaign mode. You're simply catering to the Velociraptors' comfort and placing more buildings. While those are being constructed, you can do some things in the meantime. Research and build a Staff Center so you can rest your scientists when they become tired. 

You should also research Efficiency Upgrades. Once you've built an Expedition Center, apply the improved yield upgrade to it. It only costs 75k, but it ensures you get more fossils from every expedition in the future. You can also apply the extraction capacity upgrade to the Science Center. The fossil storage upgrade is valuable too, but extraction capacity will be more useful to get genomes rolling.

Now you can access the dig site map and look for Triceratops fossils. Extracting the fossils, no matter their quality, will always require only three genetics skill points, so keep that in mind when allocating your scientists in the future. In addition, make sure you can fill up all extraction slots. Focus on amber and fossils first and then fill the remaining spaces with other finds that will be sold for cash.

You only need a viable trike genome (50%) for the objective, but I recommend you get it a little higher, 75% or more, before synthesizing them. When that's done, go to sites to find Gallimimus and Parasaurolophus fossils. These two herbivores can live happily with the Triceratops. While your scientists are digging and extracting, build a nice big enclosure for all these dinos. You can gradually synthesize, incubate, and then airlift the dinos into this habitat as your genomes near completion. Be sure to adjust the landscape and foliage as you go!

A JP-style Triceratops in Jurassic World Evolution 2

When you have a bunch of happy herbivores in a habitat, construct a Jeep tour vehicle through it. Unfortunately, you can't open the park quite yet since disease will strike. Have your paleo-medical team diagnose them, research poison ivy treatment, and then administer it to your sick dinos. Finally, you can open Jurassic Park and start raking in the cash. You'll probably have about $5-7 million left at this point.

Catering to the Guests | Jurassic Park Chaos Theory

Your next steps will be to increase guest comfort. For this, you'll need to build a couple of restrooms, shelters, and one hotel to round out the numbers. They'll ask you to build a single small amenity and an attraction. Build the attraction, but instead of just one amenity, I recommend you build food, drink, and shopping amenities next to each other. You'll need them for the next big set of objectives.

Now that the park is open and your initial dinosaurs and guests are happy, you'll be asked to expand. These are the objectives:

  • Reach park rating of 3 Stars
  • Increase total dinosaur species to 6
  • Increase the number of guests in the park to 1000
  • Make $400,000 income per minute

This seems overwhelming, but each objective should grow gradually as you work on the others. Get some new dinosaurs first. Herbivore dig sites will usually be cheaper to excavate, and the resulting genomes will also cost less to synthesize and incubate. Some smaller carnivores like the Coelophysis and Proceratosaurus will be relatively cheap too. The Compsognathus in particular is a tiny carnivore and many of them can live happily in a small enclosure.

Don't neglect to research upgrades, widen your paths, and add amenities as you go. You can always select the star rating and see your various amenity coverages and comfort ratings. Remember that your hotels provide large dinosaur viewing areas around them, so you can build habitats nearby for permanent viewership.

Storms will occur as you're expanding. Here's some easy protocol to follow:

  • Open all shelters ASAP.
  • Repair gates and fences first, followed by power units, and finally other buildings.
  • If your dinosaurs escape, send the capture team to tranquilize them.
  • As soon as the storm's blown over and all of the dinosaurs are either safely in their enclosures or tranquilized and off the ground, close all shelters to start making money again.

If you're struggling to reach the income requirement, ensure your amenities have modules and don't be afraid to add more dinosaurs or dinosaur species. You'll need them anyway to complete the map.

We Have a T-Rex

What Jurassic Park would be complete without Rexy?! Here's the deal: the T. rex, being a large carnivore and the star of the show, costs a ton of money overall. The expeditions alone cost $1.5-3.4 million each. This is a waiting game. You're already making $400,000+ every minute, so speed up time, slowing down or pausing only to handle storms or get sickness under control. Spend a little cash to craft Rexy's habitat, adding a good amount of forest and sand, as well as meat and live prey feeders.

A T. rex eating meat in Jurassic World Evolution 2

As soon as Rexy's claws touch the ground, someone will sabotage the gates in your park, keeping them open. Pause the game and open your shelters. The gates will manually reboot in a few minutes, but by then every dinosaur will be running rampant. Assign your ranger teams to repair the carnivore gates first. Use separate teams if the gates are far apart. Fix the herbivore gates after that. If any dinosaurs get loose, tranq them and get them back in their fences. Crisis averted.

The final push to completion is to:

  • Reach Park Rating of 5 Stars
  • Increase total dinosaur species to 10
  • Increase the number of Guests in the Park to 1500

I recommend filling out the species with big-ticket carnivores. They have high appeal and will easily bring up the guest count. If you don't have a 5-star rating with 10 species, you can add more. Keep building amenities too.

My complete Jurassic Park Chaos Theory map
My complete Jurassic Park layout

Continue your slow and steady expansion, and you'll have that rating before you know it. From here, there's nowhere to go but up -- to San Diego and The Lost World: Jurassic Park's Chaos Theory map.

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