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A T. rex roaring in Jurassic World Evolution 2

Jurassic World Evolution 2's second Chaos Theory map is loosely based on The Lost World: Jurassic Park. This time we're going to revive Jurassic Park: San Diego, the construction of which was cut short when a T. rex went rampaging through the city. Be sure to read our Chaos Theory Tips and Tricks first since these apply to all of the Chaos Theory maps. Overall this map is a little easier than Jurassic Park due to more lenient requirements, but if you're having any trouble, this San Diego Chaos Theory guide should help you out.

The Ruins of Jurassic Park: San Diego

We begin in the ruins of what could have been Jurassic Park: San Diego. Like Jurassic Park, it starts out pretty straightforward. You need to construct a response facility, repair the existing buildings, and power the amphitheater, viewing gallery, and science center. As soon as you power the science center, you can research Improved Power Technology so the backup generator doesn't make you go broke before you open the park.

Now you'll prepare for the arrival of some dinosaurs. What I did was split the existing enclosure in two, creating a larger section on the outside and a smaller one toward the amphitheater. You can put the Pachycephalosaurus in the large portion -- they need ground leaf for food. Set up the small portion with sand and a meat feeder for the Compsognathus.

You'll need a new enclosure for the two T. rex coming in. I attached an enclosure to the back of the amphitheater since they forced me to power it anyway and this was clearly the intent. Make sure you give your rexys sand, forest, a meat feeder, and two live prey feeders. Once all these dinos are in the doors, you can open your park for some sweet profit.

More Dinos, More Problems | San Diego Chaos Theory

Like you did in Jurassic Park, you'll cater to the guests now. The first few steps are:

  • Increase guest comfort to 50%
  • Increase dinosaur visibility to 75%
  • Increase per minute profit from amenities to $50,000

Near the entrance to the park, on the path leading to the half-octagon shape, I put a small hotel, a set of small amenities (food, drink, and shopping), shelter, and bathroom. I also put a set of amenities around the front of the amphitheater, between the path entrances. That should get your profit up. If your comfort isn't high enough, you can add a restroom and shelter or two on the side of the amphitheater or on the outside of the octagon.

Once that's complete, you'll have an imminent arrival of Parasaurolophus and Mamenchisaurus. For the Parasaurs, I created an enclosure to the right of the split habitat, adding an inset viewing gallery. For the Mamenchisaurus, I used the identically-sized space on the left of the split habitat and main path. The enclosure is just barely big enough area-wise with a viewing gallery added, but you won't be able to get a perfect ratio of open space to tall leaf. It doesn't really matter -- their comfort will be at 99%.

My Mamenchisaurus enclosure in Jurassic Park: San Diego

Now you need to increase the total dinosaur species to six. Easy enough -- they've already given you five for free. In doing so, you'll also accomplish the other step to increase a genome to 75%. I chose a Triceratops and put them in an enclosure adjacent to the T. rex, but you can go with any dino you can dig up. I don't recommend the Velociraptor since they lose comfort quickly in a storm and will likely climb the unpowered fences.

In this map, you'll encounter sandstorms instead of tropical storms. Sandstorms wipe out your power for the duration of the storm and make your dinosaurs sick with curable illnesses, mostly Coccidioidomycosis. You'll need to research treatment, but once that's done, it's easy to make the rounds and get your dinosaurs healthy again.

Finally, you need to make $400,000 income per minute. This is mostly a matter of adding more amenities where they're needed. I ended up moving my food amenity that was closest to the entrance because it was no longer making a profit. I guess people stopped hanging around there as much. When that's done, you'll need to research to expand the park boundary, even though you won't need the space for a while.

Expanding the Park | San Diego Chaos Theory

This step is about further expansion. The last objective on the list, to have a total dinosaur appeal of 4000, is a gimme. The total appeal with only the free dinos they gave you is about 3950, so no matter what dinosaur you added in the last step, you should have this already. 

You need two more species of dinosaurs. At this point, I created another enclosure in the left of the half-octagon. I moved the Pachycephalosaurus to this area and went on digs for Gallimimus fossils. You can also go for Struthiomimus fossils, but Gallimimus have a slightly higher appeal. The gallys went in the larger portion of the split enclosure, where the pachys were.

I also added another enclosure adjacent to the rexy paddock on the left. I filled this with Troodon.

As for reaching a park rating of three stars, you should be able to do this with eight species, as long as you fill in any gaps where amenities are needed. Feel free to expand a little more to increase appeal.

Open Paddock 9

The other objective is to have 100 adventure guests in your park. (Strategically, this means absolutely nothing for building a successful park, but you must do it anyway.) If you select your star rating and check the ticket sales tab, you can see interest levels. It tells you that adventure guests are attracted by dinosaur infamy, tours, lagoons, and gyrospheres. Since lagoons and gyrospheres are exclusive to Jurassic World maps, you have to rely on the first two.

I suspect that they want you to create a tour ride. However, the park layout they gave you to start with isn't conducive to that. This means the easiest way is to simply increase the infamy of your dinosaurs, which is increased by fights and kills. You have two options. The first is to synthesize, incubate, and release a few Struthiomimus or Gallimimus into the T. rex paddock. Remove the prey feeders so they're more likely to hunt the herbivores down. 

Or, if you're like me and enjoy causing chaos and have no moral quandaries with it, tranquilize the two T. rex and put them on the busy park entry path. Leave them to their Homosapien buffet, monitoring their infamy levels, and then tranq them again and restore them to the fenced-in lifestyle. You will lose some cash from this, so don't do it if you're broke. Whichever method you use, do it after you've finished the other objectives, as infamy goes down over time.

A T. rex devouring a guest in Jurassic Park: San Diego
They should've known what they were getting into when they visited Jurassic Park

You can also use the park expansion area to make a large multi-dinosaur enclosure for a tour ride. But that's less fun.

Four Stars is Enough | San Diego Chaos Theory

They give you even more room to expand for the final push to make Jurassic Park: San Diego… most of what it could have been. You only need four stars here instead of five.

Unfortunately, my rexys died of old age during this step, so my big hurdle here was increasing dinosaur appeal since I lost 2400 of it. I made a big herbivore enclosure around a large hotel. This held Chasmosaurus, Dryosaurus, and Maiasaura. I also added two carnivores: the Carnotaurus and Majungasaurus. Finally, because I didn't want to spend a ton to research and replace the rexys, I went for the Suchomimus and put them in the rexys old habitat in the amphitheater. They have an appeal of 639 each and you need at least three in a pack, but I added four.

This more than covered the required 10 species and 40 dinosaurs. The park rating and income of $750k per minute will occur at about the same time since the income threshold to reach four stars is $747k. With all the dinos I had, it was just a matter of adding amenities to the newly-trod pathways.

My complete Jurassic Park: San Diego Chaos Theory map
My complete Jurassic Park: San Diego layout

When you're done here, you'll move on to Isla Sorna: Site B with Simon Masrani to collect the leftover dinosaurs for his brand new venture, Jurassic World. The Jurassic Park III Chaos Theory map is short and straightforward, but if you need help with the most difficult Chaos Theory, Jurassic World, we've got you covered.

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