New Jurassic World Evolution 2 DLC Brings Aquatic Dinos Next Week

Published: August 3, 2023 9:38 AM /


Three Archelon, dinosaurs resembling giant turtles, coming in the new Jurassic World Evolution 2 DLC

Frontier has announced a new paid Jurassic World Evolution 2 DLC pack.

The Prehistoric Marine Species Pack adds new aquatic species to your game, ranging from gentle giants to vicious predators. It'll be released next Thursday, August 10th.

Like March's Feathered Species Pack, there are four new species on offer in this DLC, although there's nary a feather to be seen in the Prehistoric Marine Species Pack.

First up, it's Archelon, a turtle-like dinosaur with giant flippers that it uses to zip through the water.

The second new species is Dunkleosteus, a truly intimidating giant fish with impenetrable armor. Don't get on its bad side.

The third species in the Jurassic World Evolution 2 Prehistoric Marine Species Pack is Nothosaurus, a vicious-looking predator with bioluminescent skin and a wicked set of teeth.

Finally, it's Shonisaurus, a huge, gentle giant of a fish with a long snout. 

If you pick the DLC up, you're also getting a Lagoon Rock Platform, on which Archelon and Nothosaurus will frequently rest. This will also let your park guests (and you!) get a better look at these majestic creatures.

Alongside the Prehistoric Marine Species Pack, a free update is also coming for all Jurassic World Evolution 2 players.

While it won't boast any Jurassic Park 30th anniversary content, the update will bring a bunch of bug fixes and gameplay improvements.

More details will be available tomorrow, when Frontier will release a Highlight full of details, so make sure to check with the studio then if you want to learn more.

Jurassic World Evolution 2 is available right now on PC, PlayStation, and Xbox.

It's a dino management sim in which you must build and maintain a fully-functioning dinosaur park, managing customer expectations, scientific obligations, and security.

Hopefully, you'll have better luck than the folks in the movies have enjoyed, although that's not particularly difficult at this point.

If you've checked whether you should and now want to know whether you can, make sure to take a look at our Jurassic World Evolution 2 guides.


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