How to Use Biomutant Miscellaneous Items

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How to Use Biomutant Miscellaneous Items

May 27, 2021

By: Robert N. Adams

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May 25, 2021
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Have you found some Biomutant Miscellaneous Items? Wondering what to do with them? They're a little more useful than they first seem — this guide will explain what they are (and how to use them).

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What Are Biomutant Miscellaneous Items?

Biomutant Miscellaneous Items are basically junk. Thus far, I've found Toilet Paper and a Tin Can, and I have to admit that I didn't quite know what they were good for at first.

That said, these little pieces of junk that you'll occasionally find in the world do have a purpose — you're certainly not going to want to sell these bits of junk if you find them in the world!


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How to Use Biomutant Miscellaneous Items (and Where to Find Them)

There are two ways to use Biomutant Miscellaneous Items — you can choose to sell them, but it's a much better idea to scrap them for raw resources instead.

Take the Toilet Paper item shown in the image above as an example. I'd certainly prefer to get 2 pieces of Wood over a bit of currency! Each of the Miscellaneous Items will break down into different resources.

Where to Find Biomutant Miscellaneous Items

You can find Biomutant Miscellaneous Items pretty much anywhere in the game world, just like you would with any other item in the game. I found the Tin Can and the Toilet Paper at the same location on the Western part of the map. Additionally, one player on Reddit reports that he found a vendor selling them; I haven't personally experienced this myself, but I wouldn't be surprised.

There's always a slim possibility that Miscellaneous Items may be used for a quest or for some special crafting, but I haven't yet found any evidence for this just yet. Still, you can take some comfort that you can probably find them at a vendor if you want to get some more of them at a later date.

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