Biomutant Destroy the Boomhut Quest Guide

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Biomutant Destroy the Boomhut Quest Guide

May 27, 2021

By: Robert N. Adams

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Experiment 101
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May 25, 2021
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Are you having trouble with the Biomutant Destroy the Boomhut quest? It might be a challenge for newer players, the solution isn't too difficult — this guide will help you complete this tricky quest!

Biomutant Destroy the Boomhut

How to Unlock the Biomutant Destroy the Boomhut Quest

The Biomutant Destroy the Boomhut quest is unlocked as part of "The Tribe War" questline, a series of main quests that begins after you choose to join either the Myriad  Tribe or the Jagni Tribe.

One of your first major missions as part of this quest is to take over an opposing outpost. It doesn't matter whether you've picked the Myriad Tribe or the Jagni Tribe — you'll encounter the Boomhuts as part of the very first outpost that you have to conquer.


Once your gigantic ally has broken down the outpost gates, you'll charge inside and have to face off against a handful of guards. You can fight them with normal combat — or you could choose to knock them into the water, bringing a quick end to the battle as they drown. You'll soon find out that those holes on the wall are actually grenade launchers — and now you have to destroy them to survive.

Biomutant Destroy The Boomhut Quest Guide - punch

How to Beat the Biomutant Destroy the Boomhut Quest

The Biomutant Destroy the Boomhut quest solution is much easier than you think — all you have to do is simply melee the incoming grenades right before they hit you. A single shot will destroy one of the Boomhuts; simply repeat the process for the other one and you can move on with taking over the fort.

Keep in mind, the Boomhuts are encased grenade launchers that fire on you from the safety of a bunker. Don't waste your time trying to shoot or melee the Boomhuts — that won't work at all. Simply whack the grenade back at the Boomhuts with melee and you'll be done.

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