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A creature staring at a container full of green glowing goo

Chances are you are a little overwhelmed by all of the various mechanics and ideas at play in the new open-world RPG, Biomutant. It's the kind of game that introduces so much in so little time. Thankfully, We have a guide made specifically for one of the most versatile resources in the game: Bioblobs.

Biomutant Bioblob
You see one of these, you hit the jackpot.

Biomutant Bioblob – Getting Bioblobs


Getting bioblobs are briefly discussed in the game's tutorial but here's a refresher. The most straightforward way to get bioblobs is by looking for containers in the world. These are glowing metal canisters with green goo seeping out of them. Every single time you enter a different biome or location, they will even pop up in a list of collectibles. There doesn't appear to be a consistent trend to how these containers pop up. Sometimes they're out in the open. Other times they're inside abandoned buildings deep in the basement. You'll have to do some due diligence to sniff them out, but they're generally worth it.

A second, less straightforward way to get bioblobs happens in subterranean dungeons. Throughout Biomutant, you can find completely optional dungeons and explorable areas like long-abandoned bunkers or sewer systems. This is important because there's a chance while in these deep, dark, and dank areas you can come across green glowing hives that spawn large insect-like creatures dripping with glowing green goo. Defeat these enemies as soon as possible. Each of these creatures drops a bioblob, and they usually spawn in groups of three or more. Unfortunately, these nests aren't highlighted or foreshadowed at all by maps, waypoints, or convenients lists upon entering these zones, so this is more of a roll of the dice.

The menu for mutations in Biomutant
The attacks are nice, but it's the movement options you really want.

Biomutant – What To Do With Bioblobs


In the simplest way possible, bioblobs have two key functions in Biomutant and they're poorly explained. The first is the are used to unlock mutations. First impressions of this system may seem underwhelming, the first ability you get is an attack enemies with a sort of toxic spit attack. But this is not just another way to get different flavors of damage for combat. Mutations help you explore the world in more interesting ways. The earliest of these is the ability to create mushrooms to use as jump pads, helping you get to harder to reach areas. Eventually you can even gain the ability to wrap yourself up in a giant bubble and roll around the environment or grow a turtle shell then use it to surf across surfaces.

The second use for bioblobs is much more subtle but just as useful: building up elemental resistances. In Biomutant, you will come across multiple areas covered in some sort of ongoing elemental effect like extreme temperatures or deadly radiation. Depending on how your stats are laid out, traveling through these areas can be a quick breeze or the stuff of nightmares. But some of the game's best hidden goodies and even some of their side quests take place in these areas. If you're more of a fan of charting out the map than finding new ways to get around, you will want to invest your bioblobs into pumping up your resistances. This can be found in the mutations menu under "Upgrade Resistances."

The strange thing to note here is that these resistances don't just slow down the timer that ticks down while you're in the area, but how much damage over time you take. Don't panic if the area hits 100% while you're there. If you are at around 60-70% resistance the damage over time you'll suffer will become more of an annoyance than a slow drain. As for the creatures and roaming boss fights you find in these blighted zones, that's a different story.

A creature on top of a tall building in a radioactive ruin
I casually explored this area for ten minutes  then took this screenshot. Yes, really.

In short, if you love exploration and getting more movement options, invest in bioblobs while playing Biomutant. It'll save you a ton of headaches down the road. For more involved guides on this game, including builds, side missions to look out for, and how to understand the game's more esoteric systems, stay tuned here. Start with our beginner's guide

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