How to Get Biomutant Mounts Fast

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Are you wondering how to get Biomutant mounts? Running around the land can be a chore, especially in the early game. Thankfully, you get your first mount in Biomutant without having to wait very long!

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How Do You Get a Mount in Biomutant?

Biomutant is an open-world game and that means there's a fair amount of traveling to do. There are all kinds of Biomutant mounts that you can find throughout the game. These mounts include:

  • Ground-based mounts similar to horses
  • Flying mounts
  • Mechanical mounts (such as the Mekton)

How to Unlock Biomutant Mounts

There are three different ways to unlock mounts in Biomutant:

  1. Taming mounts in the wild
  2. Buying mounts from a vendor
  3. Acquiring mounts from a questline

How to Tame a Mount in Biomutant

Considering that you have to travel pretty far in the game, though, you might be more concerned with getting a mount as soon as possible. If you don't want to wait, your best option is to tame one!

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Wild mounts have an associated fruit that's usually nearby.

If you find a horse-like creature out in the wild and it doesn't try to eat you, it's probably a mount. Walk up to it and interact with it; you'll then be given a prompt that tells you what kind of fruit it eats.

Your next step is to look around the immediate area for a bush that looks similar to the one in the right half of the above picture. This bush probably has the kind of food you're looking for — run up to the bush and dodge roll through the middle to pick up the fruit.

Once you have the fruit, all you have to do is run up to the same kind of mount again, use the Interact key, and you can hop right on!

How to Summon Your Mount in Biomutant

How do you summon your mount in Biomutant once you have one? Well, it's pretty easy — a new "Transport" option is available on your screen as soon as you acquire the first one. Press 4 on the keyboard or the down arrow on your controller's D-Pad to bring up the Mount menu — this will show your selected main mount and any other specialized mounts you've unlocked such as the Mekton.

How to Change Your Mount in Biomutant

It's possible to unlock a bunch of different mounts in Biomutant, and the only real differences between some of these choices are their aesthetics. How do you change your mount in Biomutant?

Changing your mount in Biomutant is pretty straightforward — simply bring up your menu with Tab on the keyboard, the Options button on PlayStation, or the Menu button on Xbox; from there, you'll see a "Transport" category listed on the top part of the menu. This will let you set which mount comes up from the quick select menu in-game.

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How to Get Biomutant Mounts Fast

It's easy to get Biomutant mounts fast, at least at first. In fact, there's a place you can get to in less than five minutes after you encounter Bricktown in the early part of the game. Here's how to do it:

  1. Complete the early portion of the game and get to Bricktown.
  2. Head East and go down the hills (carefully!) past Peekaboo Park.
  3. Cross the river to your East and follow the road.
  4. You'll find a Surfipelago Gnoat in this area. You may also trigger the "Tame the Wild" quest and have the opportunity to pick up an Azure Gnoat, too! The needed fruits for both Gnoats should be nearby.

It's that easy! You'll find more Biomutant mounts throughout the world — you'll surely unlock more mounts if you continue to explore and complete quests!

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