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Powering into the fight!

The world of Biomutant is full of danger, so it’s lucky that you have a full range of weapons and powers to defend yourself. These powers come in two varieties, bio and psi. The former is developed by collecting bio-blobs from containers and certain monsters. The latter is earned by making moral choices and praying at shrines. Depending on whether you lean towards light or dark, you’ll have a different selection of psi-powers to pick. However, you need to perform the previous selected actions to earn psi-points in order to purchase these mutations. Once you know where to look, you can amass quite a few and unlock the powers you want.

Biomutant Psi-Point Guide — Gathering Psi-Points

biomutant psi-point

One of the three types of points your character needs to mutate. Though uncommon, there are some reliable ways to get them.

Visiting Shrines

The development of psi-powers is linked directly to the mind which you can improve by meditating. Scattered around the world of Biomutant are shrines that house purple psionic crystals. By approaching and praying at these shrines, you can activate the crystal and earn a psi-point for your efforts. Shrines aren’t common but one of the surefire ways to find them is by visiting forts. One of the big story missions involves a war between the tribes where you need to conquer rival outposts. After you succeed in doing so, a shrine can be commonly found to the side of the main fort entrance. Aside from this, shrines can be found in random locations in the overworld but are usually in wide-open areas like plains and isolated areas such as islands or caves.

Rescuing Captives

Fighting and rolling.

While exploring the world you will come across a large number of sidequests ranging from scavenger hunts to puzzle-solving. Early on you’ll discover a quest that involves rescuing pilgrims from imprisonment. They’re usually found at small campsites or in bandit forts where they’re guarded by an assortment of enemies. After defeating the captors, you’ll be able to release the pilgrims from their cages. After some dialogue, you’ll be rewarded with a psi-point for your efforts. With over 23 captives to find and save, this is one of the most reliable ways to grind psi-points if you’re playing a high intellect build or a psi-freak character class.

Random Acts

Like with many RPGs, Biomutant has a fair share of random events and interactions. The world is on its last legs and can use all the help it can get. These events can be hard to find as they aren’t marked in any way and tend to rely on context. For example, you may come across a small food stand that needs help servicing visitors. The choice may involve either helping serve the weary travelers or hoarding the food for yourself. By following through with this act, you’ll receive both morality and a psi-point. The best way to find these events is by following along the roads as they tend to involve NPCs who like to stick close to civilization.

Maxing Morality

Bravery in the face of three-headed danger.

Biomutant joins the ranks of games that use a morality system that’s simply portrayed as light and dark. Your behavior in-game will lead to one or the other which will determine what powers are available to you. Since the highest level psi-powers don’t become available until you reach a minimum of 30 points for either side, there are ways to quickly boost this score.

Captives’ Fate

As mentioned previously, the Captives quest has 23 pilgrims to rescue. After being released, each pilgrim will thank you for saving that. Following that they will ask you for additional help which you can offer or deny. Your decision will determine whether you earn a light or dark morality point respectively. Considering how many captives there are, you can easily reach maximum aura for either side leaving with a few more points to gather.

Tribe Leaders’ Fate

The fate of the world.

During the confrontations with the leaders during the tribal war quests, you will get the option to decide their fate. Depending on the actions you’ve taken, you can have up to three different choices: Join, Imprison or Execute. Join and Execute represent the extremes and will earn you light or dark morality points respectively. It’s a guaranteed way to boost your morality, but the quest only lasts so long and there are only 6 tribe leaders.

Important Dialogue

Even in a game populated with animal-like mutants, the art of conversation is alive and well. Both story and side-quests will usually involve talking with someone even if it’s just with your Automaton. There are many conversations that are simply for triggering quests and finding out details while others will have a more sincere nature. The tricky thing is that moral conversations are not always easy to spot, but the layout is almost always the same: Left (dark), right (light), and up (neutral). By adhering to this structure, you can be sure to earn the points you want in any given conversation you have.

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