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In this Biomutant Myriad or Jagni Tribe Choice Guide, we'll break down the differences between picking the Myriad Tribe or the Jagni Tribe at the start of the game — and the consequences of that decision.

One of the big parts of Biomutant is uniting the various tribes of creatures throughout the game. Once you've completed the opening section, you're presented with two choices: join the Myriad Tribe and attempt to unite all of the various tribes, or join the Jagni Tribe and attempt to conquer all of the various tribes. The choice you make will have one major effect on the game (and possibly a bunch of little ones).

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Biomutant Myriad or Jagni Tribe Choice – Differences Between the Tribes

When it comes to the Biomutant Myriad or Jagni Tribe choice, there isn't much difference between the two tribes at the beginning — the Myriad Tribe wants to cooperate and the Jagni Tribe wants to conquer. This lack of differences extends to the general questline for the first tribe you have to conquer, too. You'll have a total of four forts to raid and it essentially follows the same pattern on both sides.

  1. You'll have to fight through your first fort until you defeat all of the guardians.
  2. You'll have two choices for your second fort raid and you can do them in any order:
    1. The first is the "Moth Fort" — this involves going underground and destroying three Moth Nests. Once all three are destroyed, the enemy Tribe will be in disarray and you'll capture the fort.
    2. The second is the "Persuade Fort" — you'll either be able to persuade the fort's commander to surrender or you'll have to battle a large creature (with some help).
  3. Your fourth and final battle will involve conquering your rival tribe's headquarters. This also follows a pattern that's basically the same regardless of what side you pick:
    1. Get a special item to infiltrate the fort.
    2. Infiltrate the fort and defeat some guards.
    3. Start some fires.
    4. Fight another group of guards.
    5. Break down the gate.
    6. Persuade or fight the SIfu.
    7. You now have three choices for the defeated Sifu: team up with him, imprison him, or execute him.

In addition, you'll get certain rewards in the order you progress through the forts:

  1. First fort conquered – your tribe's unique weapon
  2. Second fort conquered – your tribe's unique armor
  3. Third fort conquered – no special reward
  4. Fourth fort conquered – rival tribe's unique weapon

Either way, you'll get the unique weapons for both tribes in the end; the only thing you'll miss out on is the unique armor for the rival tribe. These gameplay elements aside, the key difference lies in the Tribe's philosophy — and how it could affect the end of the game.

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Should You Pick the Myriad Tribe or Jagni Tribe in Biomutant?

The final thing to consider for the Biomutant Myriad Tribe or Jagni Tribe choice is this: according to the description, who you choose as an ally will affect the Tree of Life's fate. Here's what the game has to say about the Myriad Tribe:


They want to UNITE the Tribes, DEFEAT the Worldeaters, and SAVE the Tree of Life.

Warning: Sets the game's END GOAL to SAVE the Tree of Life. Choosing destiny for defeated Rival Sifus is limited to UNITE or SUBDUE.

And here's the Jagni Tribe:


They want to VANQUISH the Tribes and LET the Worldeaters DESTROY the Tree of Life.

Warning: Sets the game's END GOAL to DESTROY the Tree of Life. CHoosing destiny for defeated Rival Sifus is limited to SUBDUE or VANQUISH.

I played through the early section of the game twice — once for each tribe. You're supposed to be limited to two choices out of three: Unite (team up), Subdue (imprison), or Vanquish (execute). The Jagni Tribe shouldn't have been able to Unite, but I was able to do so anyway; I'm not sure if this was a bug or if it had something to do with my Light/Dark orientation. I'm also not yet certain what long-term consequences these might have on the game — you should consider your choices here carefully.

Either way, the biggest decision here is whether or not you want to destroy the Tree of Life or save it, and that's ultimately what the Biomutant Myriad Tribe or Jagni Tribe choice comes down to. If you want to save the Tree of Life, you should join the Myriad Tribe. If you'd prefer to destroy the Tree of Life, then your best bet is to join the Jagni Tribe.

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