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Ifrit and the Phoenix fighting in Final Fantasy XVI

Final Fantasy XVI is finally out and as players are diving in they'll quickly find that there's a lot to get done. As Clive you'll have the world of Valisthea ahead of you, a group of friends by your side, and monsters to slay. Outside of that, you'll also be able to enjoy time completing side quests, completing combat challenges, and earning a myriad of Trophies. In this Final Fantasy XVI Guide Hub and FAQ we'll teach you everything you need to know to hit the ground running.

Things to know going into Final Fantasy XVI

What is the Arete Stone?

The Arete Stone is a large obelisk that Clive can access after he reaches The Hideaway for the first time. From the Arete Stone Clive can access a number of game modes including a training mode, the ability to replay story stages, and a way to take on difficult timed combat challenges. The game modes available in the Arete Stone include:

  • The Hall of Virtue - Unlocked when you first access the Arete Stone

"Hone your battle skills in a customizable training area"

This is a full training mode. You can toggle options such as Input display, action log, Burst Timing, Recast Timers, and set enemy aggro or invincibility as well as choose your target

It's important to know that the combat-focused Trophies are unobtainable if you're using the Hall of Virtue

  • Arcade Mode - Unlocked after clearing The Greatwood Story Stage

Replay any previously cleared stage and be awarded a score based on performance. Restrictions on level, gear, and consumables are applied. The gameplay mode will default to Action Focused.

The Level, consumable items, and gear are pre-determined but Eikonic Abilities and Accessories can be customized freely.


  • Stage Replay - Unlocked after clearing The Greatwood Story Stage

Replay any previously cleared stage but at Clive's current level. Treasure coffer data is retained between plays so if you opened a chest once it will already by open.

This mode allows you to revisit cutscenes, collect forgotten items, earn EXP/AP, and retry missed achievements. It's important to note that enemies fought will earn you less EXP and can have different loot drops.


Complete Chronolith Trials at an enhanced level of difficulty. A Final Trial will be added for each of the Chronolith that you complete around Valisthea.

In the Final Chronolith Trials Clive's level is fixed, gear is pre-determined, and the trial begins with only 80 seconds. It will also default to Action Focused.


Clive hunting a monster in Final Fantasy XVI

When does the Hunt Board become available?

If you're a few hours into the game and you're worried if you've missed the appearance of the Hunt Board don't worry, it only shows up 10 hours or so into the game. You'll unlock the Hunt Board in the Hideaway during the Main Scenario "Release". You'll know when it has unlocked because part of the Main Scenario will have you come across a Lv 24 Ahriman C-Rank hunt.

After defeating the Ahriman the Hunt Board will appear in The Hideaway and as you progress through the Main Scenario or complete certain Side Quests more hunts will be added to the board.


What are the Chronolith?

The Chronolith are timed combat challenges that are hidden around Valisthea. When you first encounter one just North of Martha's Rest you won't be able to activate it. After the "Fire in the Sky" Main Scenario you'll gain access to these. Each Chronolith is a trial associated to a single Eikon's power and as such you'll only be able to access the Chronolith of Eikon whose powers you've obtained.

You'll have 90 seconds to defeat three Rounds of enemies, and then a fourth wave with a boss fight. Each round your Eikon abilities will change and you'll get a new list of tasks to complete that can add time to your clock. You cannot earn time in the Boss fight, because of this you'll always want to have at least 90 seconds on the clock once you reach this stage.

If you want to find out more about the Chronolith, their locations, and their rewards be sure to check out our Final Fantasy XVI Chronolith Location Guide.


What is part of New Game+?

After you've completed Final Fantasy XVI you'll gain access to New Game +. There is a regular New Game + that lets you replay the game, but there is also a Final Fantasy Mode. When you're starting a New Game in New Game + you'll also have the option to skip the story up until Phoenix Gate falls. In Final Fantasy Mode the following changes and enhancements will take place:

  • Clive's level cap increases to 100
  • Monster placement will change in the overworld
  • Enemies are stronger
  • New Gear and items will be available, including the ability to craft the Ultima Blade


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Final Fantasy XVI FAQ

Is there a point of no return?

No, as the game is broken into stages for important events there is no point of no return. At the end of the game there is a final mission to play, after completing that mission you'll be returned to the moment right before entering the mission. You can then continue searching for any missing Orchestrion Rolls, earn missed trophies, and complete the Chronolith trials among other things.


Are there missable trophies in Final Fantasy XVI?

Yes, a number of the trophies are tied to completing chains of side quests. If you don't complete the previous side quest it can reach a point where completing it is impossible. To avoid missing out, complete all side quests as they appear.

Torgal and Clive in Final Fantasy XVI

What is the level cap in Final Fantasy XVI?

On your first playthrough of Final Fantasy XVI Clive's level cap is 50. After completing the game and starting a New Game + playthrough on Final Fantasy mode Clive's level cap increases to 100 to help you take on the new enemies that you'll encounter.


How long is Final Fantasy XVI?

Playing through the full campaign and completing all Side Quests in the game took me around 55 hours


Is there a Day One Patch for Final Fantasy XVI?

Yes, after hearing feedback from the demo it was decided that Final Fantasy XVI would indeed have a day one patch. This day one patch is only meant to optimize performance and fix minor text errors and anyone with a physical copy of the game will still be able to play it complete in it's 1.0 state.


What is the Final Fantasy XVI PC release date?

At this time there's no word on when Final Fantasy XVI will be released for PC. 

On June 17th producer Naoki Yoshida explained that the team was aiming for a seamless experience without long loading times and unfortunately, there wasn't enough time to optimize it for PC. When the time is right, he'll share details about what the team is doing for PC.

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