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An Image of Torgal the wolf from Final Fantasy XVI

Ever since Clive was a young boy he's had Torgal by his side in one way or another. Normally spending time with Jill this wolf reunites with Clive in the early game of Final Fantasy XVI and is a constant companion throughout the entire game. In the Torgal Upgrade Guide we'll go over how to use Torgal, all Trophies linked to Torgal, and how to maximize Torgal's damage.

When do you get Torgal?

After completing the prologue chapters where you flash back to the tragedy of Phoenix Gate and learn of Clive's current situation as an assassin for the Empire you'll meet Cid. With Cid is Torgal, now all grown up. The next time that you set out on a mission, this will be to the Greatwood, Torgal will now be with you. Now when in combat instead of having your consumables assigned to your D-Pad you can press the Left D-Pad icon to bring up three instructions for Togal. These instructions are:

  • Sic - Where Torgal will leap forward and attack the same enemy that Clive is attacking
  • Heal - Where Torgal will begin a weak healing spell that will start to recover any chip damage that Clive has taken
  • Ravage - Where Torgal will attack and throw an enemy into the air for Clive to then combo into


    How can you make Torgal more powerful?

    When Torgal joins Clive he will also have stats added to the Attributes menu on the pause screen. His stats will include his Pedigree, Normal Attack, and Lifting Attack. At the start of the game each of these will be at a single notch. Torgal will become more powerful the more time he spends with Clive and the more you command him to use his various attacks. As each of these stats continue to raise it will affect how powerful Torgal is in battle.

    • Pedigree - This stat will affect how powerful Torgal is overall and will increase the more time in battle Torgal spends with Clive
    • Normal Attack (Sic) - This stat will affect how powerful Torgal's regular attack is
    • Lifting Attack (Ravage) - This stat will affect how powerful Torgal's lifting attack is

    At a certain point in the story Torgal will receive an additional upgrade to improve his ability to assist in battle.

    Torgal's Stat Screen in Final Fantasy XVI

    Outside of just battling more with Torgal and leveling him up naturally there are also two accessories that will allow Torgal to be more powerful, each is obtained from a side quest related to Torgal. As these are accessories to be equipt it will mean that one of your possible ways to upgrade Clive's abilities will instead be dedicated to powering up Torgal. Below are the two quests that will power up Torgal's attack:

    Quest Name: A Bone to Pick
    Unlock Requirement: Obtained after creating Mid's invention, can be picked up at the reading desk in the Hideaway

    Quest Name: More than Words​​​​​​​
    Unlock Requirement: Available after speaking to Jill during Back to Their Origin main scenario at the Reading Desk​​​​​​​


    Final Fantasy XVI You Can Pet the Dog Trophy

    Trophy Name: You Can Pet the Dog
    Trophy Type: Bronze
    Requirement: Pet Torgal 5 times

    Yes, you can pet the dog. You can obtain this Trophy as soon as you reach The Greatwood and have Torgal as a companion. Just approach Torgal outside of battle and interact with him five times by holding down the X button on your controller. After the fifth interaction, even if Clive isn't explicitly petting Torgal, you'll earn this Trophy.


    Final Fantasy XVI A Fine Hound

    Trophy Name: A Fine Hound
    Trophy Type: Bronze
    Requirement: Execure and land 5 Precision Sics (Excluding those in the Halls of Virtue)

    This Trophy was a bit strange as even after completing the game I'm not sure how to exactly trigger a Precision Sic. As you are commanding Torgal using the Sic command you'll see every now and then an image of a Wolf's head will appear over his commands in the lower left corner of the screen. When that Wolf head triggers is when you know that you've executed a Precision Sic.

    When you're fighting an enemy with a stagger gauge once it staggers and you start hitting it with Clive you should also start mashing Torgal's Sic command. This will help you in regular fights but also will heavily increase your chance to trigger a Precision Sic. Once you've done that five times you should unlock this Trophy. With the outlined strategy I was able to unlock this Trophy accidentally during the second boss fight of the game.


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