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The key art for the Pandemonium boss fight in Final Fantasy XVI

Pandemonium is an S-Rank hunt that you obtain at the beginning of the Brotherhood Main Scenario. Instead of giving you a location to visit the S-Rank Hunts in Final Fantasy XVI instead only give you a text hint of where the Hunt might have been seen. In this guide we'll show you when the Pandemonium Hunt will appear, what the hint is, and where to find him in the world.

When do you receive the Pandemonium hunt?

You will first have the poster for the Pandemonium hunt appear on the Hunt board after starting the Brotherhood Main Scenario. When you check the posting on the job board you'll receive the following hint:

Those few would who were able to escape from Ash before the skies changed tell of Pandemonium, the King of the Orcs who led his fellow beastmen in revolt against Waloeder rule. Though his rebellion was swiftly crushed by King Barnabas's armies, many of the orcs who now roam the Twins, saying their appetite for human flesh, bear his markings - suggesting that he still commands his forces today

The key clues here were a bit vaguer, essentially just letting you know Pandemonium led a revolt in Waloed and that there are those who support him that are currently on the Twins. There's no clear indication as to which region he's in unlike the other S-Rank posters.

Pandemonium Location

The closest waypoint to reach Pandemonium is The Shadow Coast where you first landed on Ash. From here head North and you'll find Wolfdarr a town filled with Orcs. From here instead of heading North to reach The Angry Gap you should take the last left in the town. Following this path you'll reach a large landing directly in front of a big castle gate. It's from this castle gate that Pandemonium emerges.

The location for Pandemonium in Final Fantasy XVI

Pandemonium is a level 45 Orc Battle Mage. By the time this Hunt has unlocked you should also be around level 45 so while it will be a tough battle you should be able to complete it without much worry. It's important to be wary of his Rictus of Horror attack which will fire off a continuous beam of red energy. This will easily take you from max health to nothing if you get caught in it. If you get caught in the Rictus of Horror keep an eye on your health and be ready to use a High Potion when you're low to make sure you're able to take that much damage.

For defeating Pandemonium and completing this hunt you'll earn the following rewards:

  • 17250 EXP
  • 120 AP
  • 20000 Gil
  • 50 Renown
  • 1x Stained Loincloth

The Stained Loincloth is an item that's required to craft the Sons of Ouroboros Vambrace, the most powerful Vambrace in the game with 97 DEF and 32 HP.



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