How To Craft The Gotterdammerung in Final Fantasy XVI

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The Blacksmith crafting screen showing the Gotterdammerung in Final Fantasy XVI

The Gotterdammerung is the strongest sword available to Clive in Final Fantasy XVI. Through regular game progression, you're able to get access to the Defender +2 with 340 damage but the Gotterdammerung, which requires you to defeat some of the hardest monsters in the game will launch Clive to 375 damage. In this guide we'll show you how to obtain all of the pieces to craft the Gotterdammerung in Final Fantasy XVI.

There are two major parts to obtaining the Gotterdammerung, first is that you need to obtain the recipe to have Blackthorne, your blacksmith, craft the blade, and then you'll need to assemble all of the different ingredients for Blackthorne to pull it off.

How to get the Gotterdammerung recipe in Final Fantasy XVI

The Recipe for the Gotterdammerung is obtained after completing the side quest Blacksmith's Blues IV. This means that over the course of the story of Final Fantasy XVI you need to complete Blacksmith's Blues 1-3 as well. Below is a list of each of the side quests and when you'll see it unlock in your game. It's important to note that the sequential quest will not appear until you've completed the prior one.

  1. Blacksmith's Blues - Complete the "Here Be Monsters" Main Scenario
  2. Blacksmith's Blues II - Complete Mid's Invention as part of the main story, this quest will be found at your Reading Desk
  3. Blacksmith's Blues III - Obtained after completing the "Like Father, Light Daughter" Main Scenario
  4. Blacksmith's Blues IV - Obtained at the start of the "Across the Narrow" Main Scenario

After completing Blacksmith's Blues IV you'll not only obtain the recipe for Gotterdammerung but also the weapon Ragnarok, which deals 325 damage.

Fighting the Prince of Death in FFXVI
It's good to have the most powerful weapon in the game, but know that you only get access to it right before the end of the game

How to get the ingredients for the Gotterdammerung in Final Fantasy XVI

To craft the Gotterdammerung you will need the obtain the following ingredients:

Once you've obtained all of the parts for the Gotterdammerung you can return to Blackthorne to craft this powerful weapon. Once you craft it you'll also obtain the Half Past Twilight Trophy.

While this is the most powerful weapon you can obtain in Final Fantasy XVI normally if you complete the game and start a new game in Final Fantasy Mode you can start progressing towards crafting the Ultima Weapon.



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