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An example of a Chronolith in Final Fantasy XVI

The Chronolith are mysterious stones that Clive comes across during Final Fantasy XVI, while at first, they lay dormant they eventually become one of Final Fantasy XVI's greatest challenges. In this Final Fantasy XVI Chronolith Location Guide, we'll let you know what the Chronolith do, where you can find all of them, and what reward you can expect from completing them.

What are the Chronolith in Final Fantasy XVI?

The Chronolith are stone obelisks that Clive will encounter across Valisthea. When you first approach one Clive will even remark as to what it is, but the stone isn't active yet so you can't do anything with it. After completing the Fire in the Sky Main Scenario mission the Chronolith will begin to activate.

Each Chronolith is a time trial where Clive will have to fight waves of enemies using a specific Eikon's powers. There are seven Chronolith in total that can be found across Valisthea, one for each of the Eikon that you obtain the powers of. A Chronolith will only be activated once you've passed the Fire in the Sky Main Scenario and after you've obtained the required Eikon's power.

Here are some details about each of the Chronolith:

  • Clive's level and accessories will remain the same (you can swap accessories between rounds)
  • The Eikon you're using, and which of the Eikon's attacks you use is pre-determines
  • Each Chronolith consists of three rounds of fighting waves of enemies and a fourth-round that will be against a boss monster
  • There is a timer always running through the rounds, by completing specific types of attacks or combos you can add more time to the countdown clock. You can't earn more time during the boss monster round.
  • If you run out of time, or Clive's health falls to 0 you will get a game over. You can't use healing items but you can regain health through Limit Breaks.

The reward for completing a Chronolith is that you'll obtain an item that will make the specified Eikon's special attack more powerful, and you'll also unlock an even harder variant of the Chronolith which you can access in The Hideaway via the Arete Stone. Each completed Chronolith will also show a check mark next to it's icon on the map.

The pre-trial image in a Chronolith in Final Fantasy XVI

Chronolith Tips and Tricks

Pay attention to what you can do to earn more time

At the start of each round you'll be able to see everything that you can do to gain extra time. When I first completed the Phoenix Chronolith I kept reaching the final boss round with only a minute remaining, even with a powerful build and being max level it's just impossible to defeat the boss in a minute. Make sure you're paying attention to which Battle Technique's give an additional bonus and try to chain them together as early as possible. It might feel like you're being slowed down not attacking in your favorite manner but obtaining all bonuses gives an additional 20 seconds which is invaluable


Change your equipment each round to maximize how much you can use your abilities

Pay attention to which abilities are available to you in each round and equip an item that lowers their cooldown. Dealing more damage might be nice but by completing challenges you earn extra time which is far more important in this scenario. It will also be worth obtaining the Genji Gloves from the Patron's Whisper which gives you an additional 5% to all attacks to cover a flat boost to everything you're doing.


Wait until you're stronger

While it might be simplistic, simply waiting until you're stronger to take on a Chronolith is a viable option. Why bother facing it at level 30 with the equipment you have available on you when you can return at level 50 with the strongest weapon in the game by your side to make clearing out enemies even faster.


Where can I find the Chronolith in Final Fantasy XVI?

There are seven Chronolith in total in Final Fantasy XVI. The Chronolith are:

Final Fantasy XVI Chronolith locations in Rosaria

The Hand of Hyperion

Eikon Used: Phoenix
Location: Rosaria - In Greensheaves to the North of Martha's Rest
Boss Monster: Ahriman

  • 500 EXP
  • The Favor of Fire (Flames of Rebirth) - Increases Flames of Rebirth damage by 9%


Final Fantasy XVI Chronolith locations in Sanbreque

The Hand of Mimas (Bahamut)

Eikon Used: Bahamut
Location: Sanbreque - From Northreach head North through the city and then West from the Royal Memories. At the furthest West you can get you'll run into this Chronolith.
Boss Monster: Orc Battle Mage

  • 700 EXP
  • The Favor of Light (Gigaflare) - Increases Gigaflare damage by 5%


    The Hand of Iapetus (Ramuh) 

    Eikon Used: Ramuh
    Location: Sanbreque - This Chronolith can be found to the West of Caer Norvent, near where the Griffon hunt is. Head south from Lostwing and instead of crossing the bridge right before reaching Caer Norvent instead continue up the forest path to find this Chronolith
    Boss Monster: Griffon

    • 600 EXP
    • The Favor of Lightning (Judgment Bolt) - Increases Judgment Bold damage by 6%


    Final Fantasy XVI Chronolith locations in Dhalmekia

      The Hand of Titan (Titan) 

      Eikon Used: Titan
      Location: Dhalmekia - This Chronolith can be found at the far end of the North Velkroy Desert in Dhalmekia
      Boss Monster: Atlas - Ruin Knight

      • 650 EXP
      • The Favor of Earth (Earthen Fury) - Increases Earthen Fury damage by 7%

      If you're having issues with this one the Ring of Timely Focus will allow you to consistently block incoming strikes


        The Hand of Dione (Garuda) 

        Eikon Used: Garuda
        Location: Dhalmekia - From Dalimil head into the Southern Velkroy Desert and past that to Drakos Deep. Hug the left wall of this rocky narrow passage to loop around and find this Chronolith. While it might look like the Krozjit Echoes Waypoint is closer that will take you on a path above the Chronolith with no way to gain access to it.
        Boss Monster: Coerl

        • 550 EXP
        • The Will of Wind (Aerial Blast) - Increases Aerial Blast will damage by 12%


        Final Fantasy XVI Chronolith locations in Waloed

          The Hand of Rhea (Shiva)

          Eikon Used: Shiva
          Location: Waloed - Once you reach The Angry Gap you'll see a small path to the South. Follow this to and squeeze through the rocks to reach this Chronolith. Here is also where you'll find Masamune, a 310 ATK weapon.
          Boss Monster: Weird thing from the Akeshic town that cast magic

          • 1500 EXP
          • The Will of Ice (Diamond Dust) - Increases Diamond Dust will damage by 10%


            The Hand of Enceladus (Odin)

            Eikon Used: Odin
            Location: Waloed - At the far North of Waloed, once you reach Vidargraes, you'll see The Badbach Conservatory to the South-East. Head into the forest area that loops around North to discover this Chronolith.
            Boss Monster: Chimera

            • 1650 EXP
            • The Will of Darkness (Dancing Steel) - Increases Dancing Steel will damage by 20%


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