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The artwork shown for Atlas at the start of the fight

The Breaker of Worlds is a S-Rank hunt that you obtain after starting the Out of the Shadow Main Scenario. Instead of giving you a location to visit the S-Rank Hunts in Final Fantasy XVI instead only give you a text hint of where the Hunt might have been seen. In this guide we'll show you when the Breaker of Worlds Hunt will appear, what the hint is, and where to find him in the world.

When do you receive the Breaker of Worlds Hunt?

You will first have the poster for the Breaker of Worlds Hunt appear on the Hunt Board after starting the Out of the Shadow Main Scenario. When you check the posting on the job board you'll receive the following hint:

Urgent notice to all Cursebreakers: due to the discovery of a Fallen giant in the Rosarian ruins we have lately been investigating, all work in the region is to be halted with immediate effect, and all members are to proceed no further than the village gate, lest the echo should be awakened by our presence. No further action may be taken without Cid's express permission.

The key clues to take away from this hint are that you'll be facing a Fallen Giant, that it's located by Rosarian ruins, and that they're near a village gate

Breaker of Worlds location

The closest waypoint to reach the Breaker of Worlds is either Martha's Rest or Eastpool. I used Eastpool because I was able to mount my Chocobo sooner and there were less enemies in the way. You'll want to travel to Greensheaves and then head South-East towards the derelict town of Cressida. Head further East past Cressida to find yourself in a large open area where Atlas, The Breaker of Worlds will spawn. He is a Level 45 enemy so when you first obtain this Hunt you'll likely be ~10 levels lower than him but with good combos and dodge timing you should be able to defeat him even at that level. 

The location of the Breaker of Worlds in Final Fantasy XVI

For defeating Breaker of Worlds and completing this hunt you'll earn the following rewards:

  • 17250 EXP
  • 120 AP
  • 20000 Gil
  • 50 Renown
  • 1x Fallen Iron
  • 1x Orichalcum

Orichalcum is an important material as it's needed to craft the most powerful equipment in the game, the Gotterdammerung sword and the Ouroborus Belt and Vambraces.



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