How to Obtain the Masamune in Final Fantasy XVI

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The Masamune in Clive's inventory screen in Final Fantasy XVI

The Masamune is a powerful weapon that you can locate in Final Fantasy XVI. Unlike the vast majority of the weapons in the game that require you to unlock a recipe or craft them through story progression the Masamune is different because you pick it up in the open world. In this guide, we'll explain how you can obtain the Masamune in Final Fantasy XVI, its stats, and whether it's worth hunting down.

How to find Masamune in Final Fantasy XVI?

Masamune can be found in the Kingdom of Waloed. This is the last region that you will visit on your Final Fantasy XVI adventure and as such it will be a while until you're able to come across this blade. You'll first be able to find Masamune in the Main Scenario quest Footfalls in Ash.

After landing on the coast head north through a small village, as you continue north the path will head East into a region known as The Angry Gap, this is a large marshy region. Follow the South wall and you'll discover a small pathway hidden among the rocks. Continue down this pathway and slide through the small gap to reach a Chronolith that's next to a chest. Opening this chest will earn you the Masamune.

The location for the Masamune in Final Fantasy XVI

What is the Masamune?

The Masamune is a Katana looking blade that has 310 ATK and 310 STG. At this point, the weapons that you've been able to craft will likely be around the 300 range so it's a good picking... unless you've been following the Blacksmith's Blues sidequest on the hunt for the Gotterdammerung Sword. If you've completed Blacksmith's Blues IV then you'll have Ragnarok in your hands which deals 325 ATK and 325 STG.


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