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Conan Exiles Coming To Xbox One August 16

Conan Exiles will be making its way to the Xbox One on August 16, 2017 according to a press release from the game’s developer & publisher Funcom. The open-world survival game…

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The Secret World Set to Relaunch as Free To Play Title Secret World Legends

The Lovecraftian-themed MMORPG The Secret World is being relaunched as a free-to-play game under the title Secret World Legends according to an announcement on the game’s official website. A trailer has launched alongside the announcement: The…


Conan Exiles 20% Off Code Available for GMG

Stranded in the barbarian wasteland – either on your own server or in an online multiplayer setting, you survive, build, and dominate in Conan Exiles. The new survival, open-world title has…


Conan Exiles To Launch With Denuvo DRM

Conan Exiles will be launching with Denuvo DRM included as reported by DualShockers. Conan Exiles is an open world survival game set in the Conan The Barbarian universe. You’ll be playing as one of…


Conan Exiles Goes Early Access on PC January 31, Xbox One in Spring

It was back in January that the reveal trailer for Conan Exiles was first shown, giving a look at the tone Funcom were going for with their new game. After…

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Raptor Giveaway – Hide and Shriek (Steam)

Greetings and a very merry Halloween to all! In order to celebrate the spookiest time of year, it’s only fitting that we dig into our vault and pull out a…

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The Park Review – Worth the Admission Fee

I don’t keep it much of a secret that The Secret World is my favorite MMO. While the combat is sometimes wonky, it has such a creative setting and interesting…

Conan Exiles

E3 2016: Conan Exiles Hitting Early Access September

Have you been wondering about The Riddle of Steel? Have you pondered your need for an early access open world survival title? Well, then Conan Exiles by Funcom may be exactly…

Conan Exiles

Conan Exiles Announced for Early Access

Conan  Exiles, a survival game set in the universe of Conan The Barbarian, has been announced via a press release. A trailer uploaded to Funcom’s YouTube page reveals very little in the way of…

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You Should Play The Secret World

The Secret World was on sale on Steam this week.  Hopefully you saw it; hopefully you were intrigued by it; and hopefully you bought it for 10 bucks.