Mutant Year Zero: Road to Eden

Mutant Year Zero: Road to Eden
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The Bearded Ladies
Xbox One, PlayStation 4, PC
Release Date
December 4, 2018 (Calendar)
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2012's XCOM: Enemy Unknown has spawned a surge in tactical games, especially when partnered with the success of 2012's Fire Emblem Awakening. Many games have since been taking elements from those or diving back into what had been a largely abandoned genre of tactics games and tactical RPGs. Mutant Year Zero: Road to Eden is just one of the latest and it takes players to a post-human Earth to strategize their battles. Based on the Mutant tabletop RPG by Free league and Modiphius Entertainment, Mutant Year Zero: Road to Eden attempts to explore this genre with more storytelling, and exploration than many.

Here's a bit from developer The Bearded Ladies and publisher Funcom:

Of course, the world ends.

It was just a question of time. Extreme climate change, global economic crisis, a lethal pandemic, and increasing tension between old and new superpowers. For the first time since 1945 nuclear weapons were used in armed conflict. Mushroom clouds rose from east to west before the dust settled.

Now it’s over and the Earth is still. Nature has invaded ruined cities. Wind sweeps through empty streets, turned into graveyards.

The humans are all gone. Scavenging through the remains of civilization are the Mutants, deformed humanoids and animals alike, searching for salvation or just something to eat. To survive, you and your companions must venture out to explore the Zone.

Maybe one day you will find the Eden of legends, the ancients’ haven in the middle of hell. That’s where truth awaits, the stories say. Maybe you will find your answers there.

Then again, maybe it’s all bullshit.