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Mutant Year Zero Seed of Evil DLC Announced For July 30 Along With Switch Edition

Mutant Year Zero: Seed of Evil DLC Delayed To July 30 Along With Switch Edition

Mutant Year Zero: Road to Eden (Our Review) released last year to a mostly positive reception, with most outlets praising the stealth feature on top of the competent tactical turn-based combat. As…

May 23, 2019 | 04:11 EDT

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Mutant Year Zero Coming To Nintendo Switch

Bearded Ladies Consulting, developers of Mutant Year Zero, will be released on Nintendo Switch. The turn-based stealth strategy game features a dark narrative as well as a brutal difficulty and was…

March 20, 2019 | 02:24 EDT

mutant year zero road to eden review header

Mutant Year Zero: Road to Eden Review

The post-apocalyptic genre has a tendency to reinvent the wheel. Encountering the vestiges of Humanity’s Wake, the dwellers of these settings are often puzzled by the Old Ones and their technologies…

December 4, 2018 | 04:01 EST

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Embrace Your Post-Human Inner Beast in Mutant Year Zero: Road to Eden

What if a boar-man and a duck-man partnered up in a bleak post-human landscape? This isn’t some bizarro version of Looney Tunes, but the actual premise of Mutant Year Zero: Road to Eden. The debut…

November 1, 2018 | 12:00 EDT

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Mutant Year Zero: Road to Eden Release Date Announced

Swedish studio The Bearded Ladies and Norwegian publisher Funcom have announced the release date for their tactical RPG adventure Mutant Year Zero: Road to Eden, available on December 4. The game was…

August 22, 2018 | 07:00 EDT

Mutant Year Zero: Road to Eden
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Mutant Year Zero: Road to Eden

2012's XCOM: Enemy Unknown has spawned a surge in tactical games, especially when partnered with the success of 2012's Fire Emblem Awakening. Many games have since been taking elements from those or…

August 22, 2018 | 06:59 EDT