(Rumor) Funcom Dune MMO Could Be Revealed Soon

Published: August 17, 2022 8:59 AM /


The cast of the Dune movie, intended to represent the potential Funcom Dune game

An announcement for the long-awaited Funcom Dune game could be imminent if a tweet from a prominent industry leaker is to be believed. The tweet shows artwork from the Warner Bros Dune movie, albeit with a rather odd modification that could turn out to be significant.

Why could the Funcom Dune game be revealed soon?

This rumor originates with Twitter gaming insider The Snitch, who tweeted some rather evocative artwork from the Dune movie earlier today. The artwork has, however, been modified to give the character in the piece a fetching new hairdo, and it's not entirely clear what that might mean. The most likely interpretation is that the Funcom Dune game, which was announced all the way back in February 2019, will be fully revealed soon, although, given the cryptic nature of The Snitch's tweet, this should, of course, be taken with a pinch of salt. Take a look at the image posted by The Snitch and see what your interpretation is.

A slightly modified version of some Dune artwork tweeted by The Snitch, suggesting a potential Funcom Dune game reveal
If this isn't a teaser for the Funcom Dune game, then I have no idea what it is. Some oblique visual pun, perhaps? Image courtesy of The Snitch on Twitter.

As you can imagine, speculation in the tweet's replies is absolutely rampant. Many corroborate the idea that it's the Funcom Dune game (or one of three that was announced in 2019, anyway), while others suggest it might be a reference to a potential Mandalorian game. More outlandish suggestions include Destiny 3 and some kind of God of War follow-up set in Egypt. If you ask me, the Dune direction is far more likely, but I guess we'll just have to wait and see what The Snitch meant by this tweet as time goes on.

What's the history behind the Funcom Dune game?

Back in 2019, Funcom landed the rights to develop at least three new games based on the Dune IP, one of which is apparently an MMO. In 2020, a Funcom fiscal report suggested the Dune game was "still a few years away", but later that year, Chinese gaming giant Tencent invested in Funcom, "emboldening" the company and expanding the scope of the game. Since then, we haven't heard too much about the development of the game, which would lend credence to the idea that a reveal is imminent.

Dune: Spice Wars, a Dune RTS published by Funcom
One of Funcom's Dune games is the RTS Dune: Spice Wars, but we aren't sure what the others are yet.

We likely do know what at least one of Funcom's Dune projects is, given that the studio published the recent RTS Dune: Spice Wars alongside Shiro Games. However, we're still waiting to find out more details on the others, so watch this space for more info. Hopefully, we'll learn something new about the Funcom Dune survival game soon. Gamescom is just around the corner, so this could well be a tease that we'll get a full reveal of the game during that event. Stay tuned.


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