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Diablo II Warcraft II Slash Split

Blizzard Job Opening Suggests Development of Diablo II & Warcraft III Remastered

A job opening at Blizzard Entertainment suggests that the company may be working on remastered versions of Diablo II and/or Warcraft III as reported by Blizzplanet. The open position in question is a Senior…

How Diablo 3 found itself featured image

How Diablo 3 Found Itself – A Journey Through Hell And Madness

When I say Diablo 3 what comes to mind? The answer to that question depends on what you’ve heard throughout the years or experienced, from infamous events like the always-online DRM…

diablo 3 necromancer

Blizzcon Reveals Necromancer Class, Diablo 1 Remade in Diablo 3

Fairly big news for Diablo fans came from Blizzcon’s opening ceremony this year. The first is that the original Diablo will be recreated in Diablo 3. Said to be a…

Diablo Header

StarCraft II receives an impressive Diablo II mod

StarCraft II’s powerful editor has produced a lot of interesting and downright innovative mods in the last few years. Now we are getting a Diablo II remake that might be…