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Our Diablo IV Class Quests Guide will tell you what Class Quests are, how to unlock them, and how to complete them for every Class!

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There are five Classes in Diablo IV and each of them has unique Skills, weapon sets, and more. However, that's not the only way these Classes stand out -- each Class has unique abilities that can only be unlocked by traveling to certain areas of the Map and completing a Class Quest. Read on to learn more!

What Are Class Quests in Diablo IV?

Diablo IV Class Quests are special Quests for each individual Class that can unlock unique powers. These new abilities can change the gameplay style of a Class in interesting ways or simply make it more powerful.

All of the Diablo IV Class Quests require your character to be at Level 15 at the minimum, though that isn't always the only condition. They will often take you to other areas of the Map, and you may have to complete additional objectives before you can complete the Class Quest.

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How to Beat All Diablo IV Class Quests

Most of the Diablo IV Class Quests are fairly straightforward affairs that are no more challenging than a standard Quest. Some of them, however, have additional challenges or requirements that might not be so easy to complete. Read on to learn how to beat every Class Quest!

Barbarian Class Quest

  • Requires Level 15

The Barbarian Class Quest is as straightforward as the Barbarian people -- you'll have to travel to a specific location, hunt down a tough enemy, and bring its head to a renowned warrior.

This Quest begins by speaking with Forgemaster Gerti in Ked Bardu once you've reached Level 15. Gerti will point you toward someone named Katra. Katra notes that you are one of the many exiles from Mount Arreat who does not truly have a home to call their own and you're given the opportunity to join a new clan. But first, you'll have to prove yourself.

You and Katra will have to travel to a hunting ground and find a beast. Simply put, this is a straightforward boss fight. Defeat the boss and pick up its head for proof. Return to the appropriate people and you'll unlock Weapon Techniques, a unique ability for the Barbarian Class.

Druid Class Quest

  • Requires Level 15
  • Requires conquered Tul Dulra Stronghold

The Druid Class Quest is unique in that it takes place in a Stronghold. More specifically, it takes place in the conquered version of a Stronghold. That means that you won't just have to reach Level 15 -- you'll have to conquer an entire Stronghold before you can even begin this Class Quest.

Head to the Tul Dulra Stronghold in the northwestern portion of Scosglen once you reach Level 15. You'll also start getting Druidic Spirit Offerings as drops at this point; make sure to pick them all up.

Once you've cleared out the Stronghold, speak with Druid Ardreth in what is now the town of Tul Dulra. Ardreth will send you to the Shrine of the Spirit Lord where you must commune with an animal spirit. You'll then be directed to investigate Fainne, the Abandoned Grove.

Upon reaching the Grove, you'll be tasked with slaying a number of Goatmen around the tree. Other enemies will be nearby as well, but you're only required to kill Goatmen. When you're done, you'll be able to free the Spirit Lord and pick up its skull.

Take the skull back to Druid Ardreth in Tul Dulra. Mount the Skull of the Stag Lord on the altar and you'll unlock the ability to get Spirit Boons. Spirit Boons require that you spend a certain amount of Druidic Spirit Offerings at one of four spirits in Tul Dulra.

Necromancer Class Quest

  • Requires Level 25

The Necromancer Class Quest is different from the others simply due to its level requirement -- you'll have to be Level 25 instead of just Level 15. It's also different in that it will not unlock a unique power; rather, it will give you access to a more powerful version of that power.

As a Necromancer, you'll begin your adventure with the ability to summon Skeleton Warriors and you'll eventually unlock the ability to summon Skeleton Mages, too. The powerful Golem summons, however, are gated behind the Necromancer Class Quest.

Once you hit Level 25, you'll have to go to the Shrine of Rathma in Sarkova Pass. You'll speak with the ghost of the Master Necromancer Maltorius. He'll challenge you to collect 12 Unbroken Bones from a horde of skeletal enemies that will begin to assault you after your initial conversation.

Your next step will be to go to the Pallid Glade and find a cave containing a "vile artifact" == a Jar of Souls. Open the Jar of Souls and you'll have to kill Vengeful Spirits until the Jar is filled. Once it's filled, you'll gain the ability to summon a Clay Golem. The Blood Golem and Iron Golem are subsequently unlocked by gaining a few more levels.

Rogue Class Quest

  • Requires Level 15

The Rogue Class Quest boils down to finding a specific person and completing a Dungeon. Once you hit Level 15, head to Menestrad and speak with Leyrana. Leyrana will ask you to find a missing person named Bakira who was exploring a Dungeon.

Head into the Dungeon and make your way toward the objective. Eventually, you'll have to defeat Bakira's Ghost. If you're successful, you'll unlock Specializations and the ability to gain Combo Points for your abilities.

Sorcerer Class Quest

  • Requires Level 15

The Sorcerer Class Quest is notable in being one of the few Class Quests that could be completed during the beta -- it takes place in the starting area of the Diablo IV Map.

You'll hear an "Astral Call" that will lead you to a stranger southwest of Kyovashad. This stranger is Mordarin, a fellow Sorcerer who is investigating a magical book called the Forgotten Codex. This book is located in a Dungeon; head into the Dungeon with him and retrieve it. You won't have to actually complete the Dungeon to get the book, but you may as well do it if you have the time; why pass up a chance at some good loot and a new Aspect?

Once you exit the Dungeon, Mordarin will ask you to come with him to the Abandoned Shack nearby. Head in and you'll find a ritual set up inside. Light the four elemental Braziers and wait for Mordarin to attempt his incantation. Unsurprisingly, his magic goes sideways and demons will begin spawning.

Kill all of the demons and speak to Mordarin; he realizes that he hasn't studied enough to properly make use of the Forgotten Codex. He'll give you the Forgotten Codex -- an off-hand Sorcerer item of Rare quality -- and leave you to your devices. This will unlock Enchantments, the ability to use your Sorcerer Skills for unique passive abilities.

That's the end of our Diablo IV Class Quests Guide. Make sure to check out our other guides below!

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