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Endgame in Diablo IV features a number of ways to improve your character, be it through giving you experience or useful equipment. Whispers of the Dead is one such way, available right after you beat the main story. Follow our Diablo IV Whispers of the Dead Guide to find out more.

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Diablo IV map highlighting the Whisper objective to complete Serpent's Lair.

What is Diablo IV Whispers of the Dead?

Whispers of the Dead in Diablo IV is a repeatable Priority Quest, available the moment after you complete the main story on your first character. This quest can first be accepted by talking to the Tree of Whispers in Hawezar (you'll have a Priority Quest in the quest list that points here), which will add a small "Grim Favors" meter to the bottom of the map screen. This meter is split into 10 chunks, and is filled by completing map objectives known as Whispers. These objectives are only available for a limited amount of time, though there will always be a lot of them on the map at any one time. 

Objectives can range from completing certain world events, harvesting souls from enemies, or completing dungeons. The color of the marker indicates how much of the Grim Favor meter will be filled — a pale pink icon gives 1, a medium red gives 3, and a deep red gives 5. If you start a Whisper but it expires while you're in the middle of doing it, completing it will not count towards the Grim Favor meter.

One the meter is filled, head back to the Tree of Whispers to obtain your rewards. These come in the form of three selectable collections caches, along with some experience and gold. The collections will be named based on which items they're most likely to give (i.e. Collection of Helms / Boots), though there's still some randomness involved. There's a chance to get "Greater" collections too, which have a higher chance of giving better rewards. When in World Tier 3 or 4, collections can also give Sigils needed to run Nightmare Dungeons. 

Diablo IV Whispers of the Dead For Leveling

Whispers of the Dead does not give particularly great experience for characters that are already level 50 or higher. However, when you start a new character after completing the campaign once, you have the option to skip story entirely. Not only does this unlock the entire map from level 1, it also gives access to Whispers of the Dead from the start.

The experience is very good this early on, especially when doing the dungeons marked as Whispers. Make use of this to quickly gain experience and gear up when making al characters. 


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