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You get a lot of choice in how you play each class in Diablo IV, though none are arguably as important as the gear you choose. Follow our Diablo IV Gear Guide to learn more about how equipment is handled and how to get the most out of it at endgame. 

If you're looking for more info on Diablo IV's persistent world, we have a guide covering it along with the Strongholds you'll encounter. We also have guides on the endgame content you'll encounter, including Helltide, Nightmare Dungeons, and Whispers of the Dead.

Diablo IV Gear Rarity

Gear can come in 4 different rarities, with each offering more affixes (passive bonuses and stats). These are:

  • Common - The bottom tier of gear that has no additional affixes. Generally not worth using unless you're just starting out.
  • Magic - Magic items come with 1 affix.
  • Rare - Rare items have at least 3 affixes, with higher potential bonuses than Magic.
  • Legendary - Legendary items come with 4 regular affixes, and 1 Legendary affix. 
  • Unique - Uniques come with 4 regular affixes, plus 1 affix that is unique to that piece of gear. There is no other way to get these Unique affixes.

Diablo IV Sacred and Ancestral Gear

In addition to gear rarity, there are also tiers tied to World Tier. At World Tier 1 or 2, all gear is standard. Once you reach World Tier 3, there is a chance for Sacred versions of gear to drop, with Ancestral gear dropping at World Tier 4. All rarities of gear can come in these tiers, so it's possible to get a Sacred or Ancestral Common piece of gear. All these tiers mean is that the affixes have a chance to give higher bonuses than their lower tier counterparts. 

Upgrading a weapon to +1 in Diablo IV.

Upgrading Gear in Diablo IV

Weapons and armor can be upgraded up to 5 times be visiting a Blacksmith in any major town, via the right most tab on the Blacksmith screen. Upgrading the same piece of gear multiple times will require more and higher tier materials, so it's generally worth not going back a single upgrade early on.

To get more crafting materials, you can either find ore veins and kill enemies, or salvage pieces of gear at a Blacksmith. Common and Magic materials are obtained from salvaging most gear, while Rare materials come from salvaging Legendary equipment. Sacred and Ancestral items will also require Forgotten Souls for later upgrades, an item only found during Helltide.

For upgrading Amulets and Rings, you must instead had to a Jeweler. Upgrading works the same as with the Blacksmith, requiring more materials as you upgrade accessories up to 5 times. Jewelers also have the ability to add sockets for Gems that offer passive bonuses, or craft higher tier Gems.

Extracting the Offensive Aspect of Synergy from an Amulet in Diablo IV.

Diablo IV Affixes and Aspects

Gear that's a higher rarity than Common will come with at least one affix. Regular affixes can be rerolled at an Occultist, giving you a chance to obtain a different affix at the cost of Gold and a few materials. For Legendary Affixes, you have a few ways to add them to Rare gear or above. 

First, you can complete dungeons to unlock Aspects, which are then added to your Codex of Power. Aspects in the Codex of Power can be chosen when adding an Aspect to gear at an Occultist, and can be used multiple times without being consumed. Unlike Legendary Affixes on gear, Aspects in the Codex of Power always have a set value (the lowest possible value in fact).

To get higher power Aspects (and in turn better Legendary Affixes), you must extract Aspects at an Occultist. This costs Gold, and will destroy the piece of gear the Legendary Affix is tied to. From there, you can have an Occultist add this Aspect to new gear. Aspects obtained from Legendary gear have a chance to be better than ones found in the Codex of Power, with some Affixes only being obtainable this way.


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