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Diablo IV's switch to a persistent open world brings with it some features often found in MMOs. One of these is world bosses, which can be fought throughout Sanctuary. Follow our Diablo IV World Boss Guide to learn more about these powerful endgame encounters.

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Diablo IV map screen, highlighting the marker for the Ashava the Pestilent World Boss.

Where to Find Diablo IV World Bosses

There are currently 3 World Bosses in Diablo IV: Ashava the Pestilent, Avarice, the Gold Cursed, and Wandering Death, Death Given Life. They all have multiple spawn locations on the map, and will only appear on the map 30 minutes before they spawn. Additionally, the map marker for World Bosses is tied to Whispers of the Dead, an endgame activity only available once you've beaten the main story (or are using a character that has skipped the campaign). This marker is a diamond inside a red spiky circle (the outer shape is the same one used for other Whispers of the Dead tasks that reward 5 Grim Favors). If you're in the same region as the world boss, a notification will also appear at the top of the screen once the 30 minute timer starts.

Technically, it is possible to still fight World Bosses even if you have not completed the campaign, assuming you learn its location via other players. However, you wont earn any Whispers of the Dead progress, and you're level will likely be too low to do much damage. 

Do World Tiers Affect World Bosses in Diablo IV?

World Bosses are affected by the World Tier you're currently in. World Tier World Bosses have a minimum level of 50, level 55 at Tier 3, and 60 at Tier 4. If you're higher level than the minimum requirement, then the boss will scale to your current level. Additionally, World Bosses also change their stats based on how many players are currently in the boss arena. Meaning that if you have a few underleveled or undergeared players, then the fight will become harder as a result, compared to having less, better prepared players.

When do World Bosses Spawn in Diablo IV?

There is currently no exact timer for when world bosses spawn in Diablo IV. A new one will generally spawn around 6 hours after the previous one, though this is not always consistent. The only way to confirm that a boss is spawning is via the map marker mentioned earlier.

The inventory screen in Diablo IV, highlighting the Ashava's Spoils item.

Diablo IV World Boss Rewards

Upon defeat, World Bosses will drop Gold, equipment, and Scattered Prisms (used for adding Gem Sockets to gear). As an extra bonus, you can also obtain an additional Legendary Grand Cache from each World Boss once a week. This offers at least 1 Legendary Rarity piece of equipment — its level based on the World Tier you defeated the boss in — along with more Gold and other gear. This bonus will reset each week on Thursday.

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