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The player tending to their chickens in Dinkum


Dinkum sales have broken the 350,000 barrier, according to developer James Bendon. The game has been in Early Access for just over a month.

Dinkum Milling Machine list of resources to use


The mill in Dinkum can be a bit tricky to figure out when you are first starting, so here is a quick Dinkum Milling Machine guide to get you up and

Dinkum Animal Guide header


In our Dinkum Animals Guide, we’ll detail every tameable animal, along with how to make use of trapping for some easy Dinks.

dinkum emu


We dive into Dinkum, the Australian themed mash-up of Animal Crossing and Stardew Valley. Is it a fair dinkum?

dinkum fletch


In our Dinkum Residents guide, we share what Residents you can add to your town, and what each of them offers you once they've been unlocked.

dinkum fishing header


In our Dinkum Fishing guide we’ll go over how the fishing mechanics work, and some tips and tricks to help get you started.

dinkum bug header


In our Dinkum bugs guide, we'll explain bug catching strategies, our best tips and tricks, and where to find bugs in game.

critter header


Our Dinkum Critter Catching Guide will explain what critters are, where to find them and what to do with them once you’ve caught them!

Dinkum Hunting Guide header


Filled with a number of animals, our Dinkum Hunting Guide will go over the game’s wildlife and how to deal with everything you’ll encounter.

Dinkum Mining Guide header


In this Dinkum Mining Guide, we’ll go over everything you can currently obtain by mining, along with how to make use of your spoils.

Dinkum Cooking Guide - cover


Our Dinkum Cooking Guide will tell you how to unlock Cooking and also provide you with a list of all the Cooking recipes we've found!

Dinkum Money Making Guide - cover


Our Dinkum Money Making Guide will tell you how to make money in Dinkum -- including the best way to make money in the game!

Dinkum Milestones Guide - cover


In this Dinkum Milestones Guide, we'll explain how to unlock Milestones and how many Permit Points you get for unlocking different Milestones.

Dinkum Farming Guide - cover


In this Dinkum Farming Guide, we'll tell you how to unlock Farming, how you can get some help with watering, and what kind of crops you can grow!

Dinkum Building Guide - cover


This Dinkum Building Guide will tell you everything you need to know about getting your town started and how to unlock Buildings in the game!

Dinkum Crafting and Unlocks Guide - cover


In our Dinkum Crafting guide, we'll tell you how Crafting works and how you can unlock new items for Crafting such as better tools and new

Dinkum Guides - Guide Hub - cover


Dinkum is an Australian-themed town-building survival game similar to Animal Crossing. Our Dinkum guides will help you get started with the game!

Dinkum Roadmap Launch cover


The Dinkum Roadmap has been revealed, showing a first look at the updates coming to the Australian-themed sandbox game launching on Steam in mid-July

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Be ready to explore the Australian Outback in a way never seen before in Dinkum, an indie simulation survival game.