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dinkum fletch

In Dinkum there are a total of 16 residents for you to meet and befriend, each with their own personalities and specialties that they bring to your growing outpost in the corner of the world. Here's what you need to know about the friendship system and an overview of each of the residents.

How the Friendship System Works in Dinkum

For each of the residents there is a little 5 heart meter next to their name when you're talking to them. The more the meter fills up, the better friends you are! When you're good friends with the residents they can send you mail, gifts and will be friendlier to you.

In order to fill up the heart meter, you'll need to do favors for them. Each favor gives you a quarter of a heart to fill up the meter, but if you accept a favor and don't deliver it can lower the meter and hurt your friendship. Favors can range from bringing them specific items, bringing them a type of item, buying items off of them and more.

When you first meet the residents, aside from Fletch, none of them are actually residents of the island yet. In order to convince each person to stay you'll need to level up your friendship with them by doing favors, talking to them and buying things from their stores, where applicable. Once they decide to stay, you'll be able to purchase the deed to a permanent building for them from Fletch. However, you can only work on one building at a time and if your town is in debt from something you just built you will not be able to purchase another deed until the previous one is paid off.

That being said, let's meet the residents of Dinkum!


dinkum fletch

Fletch is the first person you meet in the story and the one who takes you out to set up the town in the first place. She can be found at the Base Camp during business hours and she'll let you spend your Permit Points, purchase deeds and generally take care of the town.


dinkum john

John is a trader who sets up the general goods store in town where you can buy tools and sell bugs, critters and other assorted items that you come across. He's the first resident of the town and will permanently stay in the guest tent until you build his store.


dinkum theodore

Theodore runs the town museum and is one of the residents who begins rotating in after the general store is built. He accepts donations of bugs, critters and fish and will pay you in Permit Points for these. His building in town is the Museum and it's automatically unlocked for purchase after he visits the island for the first time.


dinkum rayne

Rayne is the local gardening enthusiast and one of the residents who beings rotating in to the guest tent after the general store is built. She sells gardening supplies and seeds, with an expanded selection after her store in the town is built. You will need to purchase a gardening license in order for her to sell you these items, however.


dinkum clover

Clover is the fashion afficionado who begins rotating in to the guest tent after John's store is built. She sells all items of clothing on a random, rotating basis and also maintains the fashion catalogue if you wish to re-order a previously purchased item of clothing.


dinkum irwin

In a fitting homage, Irwin is the animal lover who comes to visit the island after the general store is constructed. If you have an animal handling license he can sell you Chooks, Vombies and other animals to care for. He also sells animal feeding trays and the feed to go along with them, but you'll need to construct the animals' buildings yourself from a craft table.


dinkum franklyn

Franklyn is a science geek who is part of the initial rotation of guests once John moves out of the guest tent. He buys Shiny Discs from you at an excellent price and works on new inventions that you can then purchase from him for the right amount of money and parts. Each Shiny Disc you sell him unlocks another invention, including Gacha Machines and Jetskis. Once he is a permanent resident he can also work to fix the teleportation points in the area.


dinkum melvin

Melvin is the local furniture guy who opens and runs the furniture store on the island. He enters into the rotation after you open up John's permanent store and free up the guest tent.


dinkum sally

Sally is the town's hairdresser who shows up and can restyle your hair and face, for a price. You'll also get a nice milestone for the first time that she does your hair, but she only starts showing up to the island after you have your first five residents.


After you reach a 30% economy score, you'll unlock the deed to build a bank, which then in turn brings Milburn to the island as the bank and money manager.


That's all the Dinkum Residents you can find for now - we'll update this guide as more are released, and check out more guides below:

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