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Last Update: July 14, 2022


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Dinkum’s Australian-themed islands are filled with a number of animals, with many not being particularly friendly. In our Dinkum Hunting Guide, we’ll go over the game’s wildlife and how to deal with everything you’ll encounter.

Dinkum Hunting Basics

Before you can start defending yourself against danger, you must first unlock the ability to craft weapons. This can be done by purchasing Hunting License Level 1, which costs 250 Permit Points. Doing so will unlock crafting recipes for the most basic weapons — unlike tools such as axes and pickaxes, there are no purchasable weapons. Each level of the Hunting License will unlock more weapons to craft:


Hunting License Level 1 - 250 Permit Points

Basic Hammer - 1 Gum Wood Plank, 3 Tin Bars
Basic Spear - 1 Gum Wood Plank, 1 Tin Bar
Wooden Bat - 1 Gum Wood Plank, 2 Spinafex Resin

Hunting License Level 2 - Requires Hunting Level 10, 1000 Permit Points

Copper Hammer - 1 Gum Wood Plank, 3 Copper Bars
Copper Spear - 1 Palm Wood Plank, 2 Copper Bars
Croc Teeth Bat - 1 Copper Bar, 2 Spinafex Resin, 2 Crocodile Teeth, 2 Hard Wood Planks

Hunting License Level 3 - Requires Hunting Level 20, 3000 Permit Points

Iron Hammer - 2 Hard Wood Planks, 3 Iron Bars
Iron Spear - 1 Palm Wood Plank, 2 Iron Bars
Flaming Bat - 1 Iron Bar, 2 Spinafex Resin, 2 Flame Sacs (taken from Bush Devils), 2 Hard Wood Planks


Each weapon type has its own advantages - spears have good range at the cost of damage, and hammers are powerful but slow. Meanwhile, bats don’t have many downsides when used in combat, but require more (and some rare) materials.

Killing monsters and taking their drops will increase your Hunting Level, which determines the Hunting Licenses you have access to.


Dinkum Hunting Guide - Regular Animals

These are the animals you can discover in Dinkum.

Dinkum Hunting Guide Diggo


Diggo can be found throughout all biomes, coming in a number of color variants. They won't attack you on sight, but will go after other passive animals. When attacked, they have a basic bite attack that can be easily sidestepped.



Jackaroo are a hybrid of kangaroo and deer, with all variants running away when approached. The horned variant will occasionally kick if attacked, but this has a long windup animation.


Croco are found in most bodies of water, outside of beaches and the sea. They attack on sight, biting towards players in a straight line.

Glowing Croco

A variant of Croco that can only be found in the mines. Acts like the regular Croco, with an additional poison cloud attack. The poison lingers for a while, causing damage over time when a player or animal comes into contact with it.


Also found in the mines, Bats fly around the player on sight, biting when close. They die in one hit to any weapon (or tool) and drop no items.


Passive animal that slowly runs away from players. Very slow, making it easy to chase and attack.

Dinkum Hunting Guide Wary Mu

Wary Mu

An aggressive version of Mu with darker feathers that attacks on sight. Can kick players, or charge after a long windup animation.


Kidna will not attack on sight, but will fight back against both players and aggressive animals. Their main form of attack is curling into a ball, then rolling quickly at their opponent.

Dinkum Hunting Guide Bush Devil

Bush Devil

Bush Devils are much larger than Diggo, and can often be found sleeping in the desert. While they sleep most of the time, getting close will wake them.

They can bite when close, or spit fireballs at a distance — being hit will light you on fire for a while, which can be stopped early by jumping in water.


Jellyfish are found in most water, especially at sea. Will slowly swim towards players and poison when close. Since they’re so slow, you can just swim away without much issue.


Sharks can potentially spawn in most bodies of water, but are generally found at beaches and in the sea. They bite when close, and can eat fish (even if you’re in the middle of reeling one in).

Dinkum Hunting Guide - Alpha Animals

Alpha animals act as the bosses of Dinkum. They only spawn after accepting a quest from the Request Board to hunt an Alpha animal, and will be marked on the map. Each one is a larger, more aggressive version of their standard counterparts, with the quests giving a lot of money upon completion. Having at least a Bronze weapon is recommended to speed these fights up, along with food to restore health and stamina.

Alpha Jackaroo

The Alpha Jackaroo retains the kick attack of standard Jackaroos, along with an additional shockwave attack that can be jumped over.

Alpha Bush Devil

Alpha Bush Devils have both moves of the regular variant, though the fireball attack now includes multiple projectiles. They can also rain fire from above, leaving burning patches on the ground for a good amount of time.

Alpha Croco

In addition to the biting attack of regular Crocos, Alpha Crocos will also slam into the ground causing multiple pillars of earth to shoot up. It’s possible to stand between these pillars and attack with spears.

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