Dinkum Developer Shares What's Next For The Aussie Farming Sim

Published: January 27, 2023 9:43 AM /


A Dinkum character standing behind a set of letters that read "UPDATE WHEN"

Dinkum developer James Bendon has taken to Steam to share some info regarding the game's next major update. According to Bendon, the update is taking a little longer than he'd anticipated, so you, too, will have to wait "just a little bit longer" to get more content for the Aussie farming sim.

Since it launched, Dinkum has attracted a pretty significant audience, and that audience has been vocal in terms of the things it wants to see from the game in future. In that spirit, solo dev James Bendon posted a Steam dev blog for Dinkum earlier today in which he discusses the Bloomin' Spring update, which will be the game's next significant content injection.

Bendon says that Bloomin' Spring will be "the first of many updates" focusing on a specific season, in this case (obviously) spring. The update will include lots of spring-related changes, like wildflowers blooming around your island and the sun setting at a later time than usual. 

A Dinkum character exploring and seeing spring wildflowers in the upcoming Bloomin' Spring update.
Dinkum's Bloomin' Spring update will bring spring wildflowers and more to the Aussie farming sim.

As well as these features, there will be other changes in the Bloomin' Spring update, but Bendon says he wants to keep as much of the update a surprise as possible, so you might not hear too much between now and its release. Still, that should mean that when it does arrive, you'll hopefully be pleasantly surprised by it.

There will also be lots of smaller changes coming in the Bloomin' Spring update. These include auto-stacking crates and chests, as well as Theodore accepting multiple donations in the museum, making it easier to hand over fish and bugs. Bendon says he wants to make the update "as good as it can be", so it'll be a while until it arrives.

You can pick up Dinkum right now on Steam, where it's available in Early Access for $19.99 or your regional equivalent. Whether you're just starting out with the game or you're a seasoned pro, make sure to take a look at our Dinkum guides so you can make the most of your Antipodean adventure.

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