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Last Update: January 8, 2023


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In this Dinkum Farming Guide, we'll tell you how to unlock Farming, how you can get some help with watering, and what kind of crops you can grow!

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How Dinkum Farming Works | List of Crops


How to Unlock Farming in Dinkum

Here's how to unlock Farming in Dinkum:

  1. Build the Visitor's Site.
  2. Build John's Goods after John occupies the Visitor's Site.
  3. Wait for Rayne to visit and purchase the following from her:
    • At least 1 Hoe
    • A Watering Can
    • Your Seeds of choice
  4. (Optional) Do favors for Rayne and buy items from her shop and she'll eventually request that you build her a permanent shop in town.
Dinkum Farming Guide - Rain
As you might expect, you don't need to water your Crops when it's raining.

How Dinkum Farming Works

Dinkum Farming works pretty much like you'd expect it to: you have to till land, plant Seeds, and water your Crops every day. You can also use Fertilizer to speed up the growth of your Crops.

Each Crop has different restrictions. Some Crops will only produce a fruit or vegetable once while others will keep making produce until the end of a Season. Some Crops can be picked by hand and others will require the use of a Scythe. Many Crops can be grown right next to each other, but some Crops may need additional space around the tilled soil.


Additionally, you can plant various Bushes, Flowers, and Trees before you even meet Rayne. However, only the Crops you purchase from Rayne will count towards Farming Milestones. Regardless of what you grow, most items can be used for Cooking in some fashion.

How to Get Seeds in Dinkum

There are two ways to get Seeds in Dinkum:

  1. Buying Crop Seeds from Rayne
  2. Chopping down Trees or Bushes

Take note: Rayne carries a random selection of Seeds every day. It's a good idea to stock up in advance!


How to Plant Fruit, Bushes, and Trees

Here's how to plant Fruit, Bushes, and Trees in Dinkum:

  1. Dig a hole with your Shovel.
  2. Drop a Seed into the hole.
  3. Refill the hole with the Soil in your Shovel.

You can also place a Seed on the ground, dig on top of the Seed to drop it into a hole, and immediately refill the hole if you prefer to move things along a little faster.


Villagers Can Help with Watering

While you'll have to do a lot of watering, you won't have to do it alone -- occasionally, you'll find people in town helping out with the watering. There's no real way to explicitly encourage this, but you can help things along by keeping your planted Crops near buildings in town.

Protect Your Investment with Fences

By the time you unlock Farming, you will inevitably end up destroying various bushes and plants by sheer accident. You'll also notice that wild Animals may damage things, too. It's a good idea to surround your Crops with fences to reduce the chances of them being damaged.

Dinkum Farming Guide - List of Crops

List of Crops in Dinkum

Here's a list of all the Crops we've found in Dinkum. While you can sell Crops on their own, keep in mind that you'll likely fetch a better price by Cooking them or using them in Crafting. Take note, Crops that can grow year-round (such as Sugarcane or Wheat) are generally less profitable than seasonal Crops.

Dinkum Bushes

Certain Bushes can provide Flowers which can subsequently be processed in the Keg to make drinks.


Bottle Brush

  • Seasons - All
  • Purchase Price - N/A
  • Crop Sell Price - 245 Dinks

Prickly Pear Cactus

  • Seasons - All
  • Purchase Price - N/A
  • Crop Sell Price - 261 Dinks (Cactus Figs), 600 Dinks (Prickly Pear Flesh)

Yellow Wattle Flower

  • Seasons - All
  • Purchase Price - N/A
  • Crop Sell Price - 145 Dinks

Dinkum Farming Guide - Fruit

Dinkum Fruit

Fruit is one of the first sources of food you'll find. You can find all four Fruit on the first day in the game if you care to explore, and Cooking them is fairly simple, too.


  • Seasons - All
  • Grows in - 12 Days
    • Produces 4 Apples every 6 Days
  • Purchase Price - N/A
  • Crop Sell Price - 107 Dinks


  • Seasons - All
  • Grows in - 12 Days
    • Produces 2 Bananas every 6 Days
  • Purchase Price - 496 Dinks
  • Crop Sell Price - 248 Dinks

Bush Lime

  • Seasons - All
  • Grows in - 12 Days
    • Produces 3 Bush Limes every 6 Days
  • Purchase Price - 180 Dinks
  • Crop Sell Price - 90 Dinks


  • Seasons - All
  • Grows in - 12 Days
    • Produces 3 Quandongs every 6 Days
  • Purchase Price - N/A
  • Crop Sell Price - 110 Dinks


  • Seasons - All, though they can only be initially obtained if you're playing during December — this includes if you change your system clock to a December date regardless of the actual time.
  • Grows in - 12 Days
    • Produces 4 Cherries every 6 Days
  • Purchase Price - 3 Cherries per White Jackaroo captured
  • Crop Sell Price - 117 Dinks

Dinkum Farming Guide - Farming Crops

Dinkum Farming Crops

Crops planted in tilled soil and watered daily are the only things that will advance Dinkum Farming Milestones. They're used in many high-end Cooking recipes (and some Crafting recipes, too).


  • Seasons - Autumn
  • Grows in - 8 Days
  • Purchase Price - 700 Dinks
  • Crop Sell Price - 1,750 Dinks


  • Seasons - Winter
  • Grows in - 6 Days
  • Purchase Price - 570 Dinks
  • Crop Sell Price - 475 Dinks


  • Seasons - Autumn, Winter
  • Grows in - 10 Days
    • Produces 2 Corn every 5 Days
  • Purchase Price - 1,100 Dinks
  • Crop Sell Price - 358 Dinks

Green Bean

  • Seasons - Summer, Spring
  • Grows in - 10 Days
    • Produces 3 Green Beans ever 5 Days.
  • Purchase Price - 1,360 Dinks
  • Crop Sell Price - 295 Dinks


  • Seasons - Winter
  • Grows in - 6 Days
  • Purchase Price - 760 Dinks
  • Crop Sell Price - 1,520


  • Seasons - Spring, Summer
  • Grows in - 6 Days
  • Purchase Price - 540 Dinks
  • Crop Sell Price - 450 Dinks


  • Seasons - Spring
  • Grows in - 9 Days
  • Purchase Price - 640 Dinks
  • Crop Sell Price - 640 Dinks


  • Seasons - Autumn
  • Grows in - 11 Days
    • Vines spread out in up to 4 directions, so leave 1 open space on each side. Produces up to 4 Pumpkins.
  • Purchase Price - 780 Dinks
  • Crop Sell Price - 3,120 Dinks

Sugar Cane

  • Seasons - All
  • Grows in - 12 Days
  • Purchase Price - 400
  • Crop Sell Price - 560 Dinks


  • Seasons - Summer & Autumn
  • Grows in - 11 Days
    • Produces 3 Tomatoes every 6 Days afterward
    • Has a Stake, so don't plant them next to each other
  • Purchase Price - 1,620 Dinks
  • Crop Sell Price - 351 Dinks


  • Seasons - Summer
  • Grows in - 8 Days
    • Vines spread out in up to 4 directions, so leave 1 open space on each side. Produces up to 4 Watermelons
  • Purchase Price - 385 Dinks
  • Crop Sell Price - 3080 Dinks


  • Seasons - All
  • Grows in - 9 Days
    • Produces 2 Wheat
  • Purchase Price - 360 Dinks
  • Crop Sell Price - 216 Dinks

That's the end of our Dinkum Farming Guide. Take a look at our other guides below, too!

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