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Last Update: July 20, 2022


Dinkum Milling Machine list of resources to use

The newly released adventure and farming simulator game Dinkum comes with a lot of moving parts that players may get confused by as they start their journey on their island. While milling may seem cut and dry, the game has a way of making the mill machine a little hard to grasp as you first begin using it. Here is a quick guide on how the Dinkum milling machine works, and what resources can be put inside.

Mill Machine screenshot in Dinkum


How to get the Dinkum Milling Machine

The mill machine becomes a vital asset later on down the line in Dinkum, as it can create several useful resources for you to use on your farm. The first thing you will learn to make will most likely be animal food. To make it, you will need to collect either ten grass seeds or an ear of corn. Grass seeds are much easier to come by, as they can be found by using a scythe to mow down grass or by simply smacking the grass with one of your many tools.

To unlock the Grain Milling Machine, you will need to earn 250 permit points by completing milestones. Once you have your permit points saved up, talk to Fletch during normal Town Hall business hours and select "I want to apply for a License", scroll down to Farming License, and select it. Once you have purchased the Level 1 Farming License, you will be given the blueprint/recipe for the Grain Mill.

To make the mill, you will need 4 gumwood planks, 4 old gears, 2 copper bars, and 1 old wheel. The planks are obtained by cutting down gumwood trees with an axe, and using a sawmill to cut the logs into planks. Copper bars are obtained by collecting copper ore from ore rocks all over the island, and you will need either a crude furnace that you can craft via the crafting table or a furnace purchased from John's shop to smelt the ore into bars. Lastly, the old gears and old wheels can be found either in the metal barrels scattered throughout the island that you can break open or by using a metal detector to locate treasure underground. If you choose to use the metal detector, make sure to bring a shovel!


Corn is a crop that can be grown if you can purchase seeds from Rayne as she visits or while she lives on your island, but again, that may be something unavailable to those just starting. 

Once you have collected your grass seeds or ear of corn, walk up directly in front of your Milling machine and insert the resources. Once they have been inserted, the machine will automatically go to work making your animal food! With ten grass seeds, you will only receive one bag of animal feed. With one ear of corn, you will receive ten bags of feed. 

Sugar cane being put into the millin machine, dinkum guide


Sugar Cane

Next up, we have sugar cane. Sugar cane is obtained the same way as corn; players purchase the seeds from Rayne whether she is only visiting or she is living on your island. Sugar cane can be grown year-round, and inserting one stalk into your mill machine will create one bag of sugar! Sugar is used in a multitude of recipes at the cooking table, so stocking up early on if possible is always a bonus. If you don't have a cooking table as of yet, just eating the bag of sugar as is will give you a +5 energy point boost. 

Wheat being inserted into mill machine, Dinkum guide



Last, but certainly not least, we have wheat! Wheat is one of the most important crops players have to utilize. Placing four pieces of wheat into your mill machine will create one bag of flour. Flour is a precious resource in Dinkum, as it is used in several key recipes that have extremely high stats. Even using it to make plain bread in the game can be extremely helpful as one loaf of bread from the cooking table, which only costs three bags of flour, will replenish 35 health and 25 energy.

Wheat seeds can also be purchased from Rayne and grow year-round, so keeping a hefty stock is quite easy. Other recipes are available that use flour can even give your health and energy a massive boost. For example, the Lamington that you can cook gives a +30 health point boost and +30 energy point boost, which can make the difference between life and death when taking on an Alpha-animal on your island.


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