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New York Game Awards

The Subtle Celebration of the New York Game Awards

If I asked you to name a video game awards show, you would probably mention
The Adventure Zone: Bureau of Balance - Cover Art

The Adventure Zone: Bureau of Balance - Developer Interview

The Adventure Zone podcast has an enduring legacy in tabletop gaming culture.
Aquamarine Moebial Studios Platypus Thing

From Failure to the Future - How Aquamarine Hopes to Succeed on Kickstarter

Way back in 2018, I went to New York's only dedicated gaming conventi
Swimsanity! Hero Art Xbox One

Decoy Games and the Final Push to Finish Swimsanity!

Those familiar with our coverage of Play NYC likely remember t
DB Attic Studios cover

A Chat With Family-Run DB Attic Studios

Back in August of this year, I attended Play NYC 2019 with several
Hey Cutie Kickstarter cover box

The Revived Hey Cutie Kickstarter — Insights from One Method Monkey's Brian Sowers

A little over a month ago, I covered the first Hey Cutie 
Stronghold Warlords

Sam Speaks With Firefly Studios About Stronghold: Warlords

One day Stronghold showed up at my house. I have no clue where it came from, but it was a game I genuinely loved.
NES Retro Haunted Halloween Creepy Brawlers Header

Retro Resurrection: A Talk with Retro Developers

Recently, a pair of retro, horror-themed indie games—Creepy Brawlers by Mega Cat Studios and
blairwitch key art

We Spoke to Bloober Team About Blair Witch, Bullet, and Their Approach to Horror

Not too long ago we got the chance to sit down with Maciek Glomb, a member of the crew over at Bloober Team, to talk about their upcoming psycholog
HuniePop Game

The HuniePop Story - An Interview With Lead Developer Ryan Koons

There has been fierce debate recently in the gaming media over the latest match three based dating sim, HuniePop, which has been dubbed one of the
Marvel Crisis Protocol

Marvel Crisis Protocol Miniatures Game - Developer Interview

Marvel Crisis Protocolm from Atomic Mass Games, is a brand new Marvel Superheroes skirmish game that releases on 15 November 2019 with a c
Verseability Gabriel Walter GolfInverse

The Quirky Creations of Verseability and Gabriel Walter

At Play NYC 2019, I met all sorts of interesting people.
Indivisible combat

Indivisible Brings the Fight to RPGs

Across the years, we’ve seen a variety of RPGs tackle a menagerie of battle systems.
TechRaptor HSEL Logo

Esports Are Coming to High Schools, and My Teenage Self is Thrilled

Where I grew up, I was one of the only kids who prioritized video games more than pretty much any other hobby.

Multiplayer Mayhem: How Midwinter Playtests for Scavengers

If you haven't heard of Scavengers or the up-and-coming Midwinter Entertainment, they'll probably be on your radar soon.
control review sky

Catching Up with Remedy about Control

Fans of the weird and spooky got a real treat when Remedy launched Contro
children of morta interview - grandma

A Chat with Dead Mage About Children of Morta's Gameplay and Design

Children of Morta is a game that I quickly came to love, and I jumped at the opportunity to interview the developers.
talisman kingdom hearts header

Gen Con 2019 Talisman: Kingdom Hearts First Look

Even though its gameplay is relatively simple, we've always had a soft spot in our hearts the various versions of Talisman over the years.
die hard board game header

Gen Con 2019 Die Hard: The Nakatomi Heist Board Game

Die Hard is a Christmas movie. If you believe otherwise then you are simply wrong.
historymaker vr header

Exploring HistoryMaker VR and Schell Games

The use of virtual reality has grown since the more accessible releases of platforms like the Oculus Rift and PlayStation VR.
dr- lava header

Preserving Pokémon's Cut Content - An Interview with Dr. Lava

The world of Pokémon has always been one of keen interest to gamers.
zer0 inbox - refresh inbox corner

Play NYC 2019: Zer0 Inbox Synergizes With Board Game Efficiency

There were a lot of new tabletop games at Play NYC this year, but one of the most unique was a small title called Zer0 Inbox, the debut ga