Tabletop and Board Game Interviews

LimboDivision209 Interview

There's a lot of Cyberpunk this year, with the upcoming 2077 video game and the update to the original RPG Cyberpunk Red.

Zer0 Inbox Deconstructs Corporate Culture on Kickstarter

Have you ever read an email from your manager and wanted to throw your coffee mug out the window?

The Drowned Earth / Ulaya Chronicles Interview

Worldwide lockdowns have had a huge impact on tabletop releases, including production and development, and those planned and currently being funded

We Spoke With The Magic: The Gathering Set Designer Behind Ikoria

On April 16th, a brand new set of Magic: The Gathering cards stomped its way acro

The Adventure Zone: Bureau of Balance - Developer Interview

The Adventure Zone podcast has an enduring legacy in tabletop gaming culture.

Marvel Crisis Protocol Miniatures Game - Developer Interview

Marvel Crisis Protocolm from Atomic Mass Games, is a brand new Marvel Superheroes skirmish game that releases on 15 November 2019 with a c

Gen Con 2019 Talisman: Kingdom Hearts First Look

Even though its gameplay is relatively simple, we've always had a soft spot in our hearts the various versions of Talisman over the years.

Gen Con 2019 Die Hard: The Nakatomi Heist Board Game

Die Hard is a Christmas movie. If you believe otherwise then you are simply wrong.

Play NYC 2019: Zer0 Inbox Synergizes With Board Game Efficiency

There were a lot of new tabletop games at Play NYC this year, but one of the most unique was a small title called Zer0 Inbox, the debut ga

How the Mistborn Adventure Game Caters to Sanderson Fans and New Tabletop Players

I admit, I'm not great at tabletop roleplaying games.

Talking Tabletop and Dungeon Brawler with Gamerati's Joey Turco

This spring, Techraptor interviewed Joey Turco, event host for the

Monica Valentinelli Discusses her Work in Writing, Editing, and Developing Games

Games, short stories, essays, nonfiction about pop culture, comics, novellas, and media tie-in fiction—

We Spoke To Stonemaier Games About Their New Retailer Policy

Recently, Stonemaier Games, the makers of tabletop board games

PK Sullivan and Stephen Blackmoore on Fate of Cthulhu and Punching Elder Gods

I'll be the first to tell you that the world needs more tentacle-mouthed monstrosities with convoluted names, so you can imagine my delight when I

Mike Olson and Morgan Ellis Talk Shadow of the Century and '80s Action

Back in 2013, Evil Hat Productions launched a Kickstarter to develop the next edition of the FATE system, dubbed Fate Core.

Start Collecting Infinity Interview - Beginner Advice with Infinity Developers and the UK's Number 1 Player

As part of our ongoing Start Collecting Infinity series, we thought we would