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Former writer of the SteamWatch series on TechRaptor. When he's not researching into the latest news centered around Steam and its developers and community, he tends to be playing RPGs and/or multiplayer titles.

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when the darkness comes header
SteamWatch - The Interesting Mind Behind When the Darkness Comes

It's often nowadays that a game launches on Steam and garners a quick cult following nowadays.

SteamWatch - The Steam Key Revoking System is a Problem

One of the main features of Steam that has been both a godsend and in part one of the main criticisms some users have of the store—its key system.

SteamWatch - Game Developer Feuds With Several YouTubers And Threatens Legal Action

The head of the indie video game company LaserChain LLC has recently sent legal threats and a copyright violation notice to YouTube regarding a small YouTuber's video criticizing LaserChain LLC's J

steamwatch 30 12 2017
SteamWatch - A Steam Retrospective

Valve's Steam platform has been able to successfully stand as one of the pioneers of PC gaming ever since its launch in 2003., presenting itself as one of the easiest ways for gamers to obtain thei

The Key to Home SteamWatch
[Updated] SteamWatch - Controversy Erupts After "The Key to Home" Gets Removed From Steam

Update: Originally, the article included an email exchange between the publisher and Valve.

SteamWatch Supermarket Tycoon
[Updated] SteamWatch - Indie Game Receives DMCA Takedown Prior to Steam Release

Update 2: After publication, a representative claiming to represent both the trademark holder and a third party developer (which we have since disproved) reached out to us with con

SteamWatch 30 07 2017
SteamWatch 30/07/2017 - Legal Threats, Content Controversy, Censorship and More!

Before I get into this week's SteamWatch, I do want to quickly mention a story that won't be covered this week as I feel like it has already been excellently covered and documented by TechRaptor wr