New Palworld Trailers Show More Pokemon-Like Mayhem & How You Cook Them

Published: September 17, 2023 7:12 PM /


Palworld Tanzee

Developer Pocketpair shared new trailers of its upcoming Pokemon-style game Palworld, showing two more of the "pals" that we'll be able to play with.

We start with Tanzee, a small Pal that has actually observed humans and learned to use firearms from them. Because of course, that's what you'd learn from humans.

We also read that before arming itself with Kalashnikovs, they used to use tree branches as weapons,

You can see them in action below.

The next Pal we learn about is Pyrin. This time around the pun is obvious, as it's basically a fire-element Kyrin. 

Yet, if you ride it, it'll be sure not to burn you. How courteous of it. 

If you need any more evidence of the fact that Palworld is about doing the most unspeakable things to Pokemon-like creatures, you only need to check out the short below, which intentionally reproduces a popular (but gruesome) Pokemon meme.

At this point, they're just embracing how evil this all is (or satisfying, for those who don't care for Pokemon) and running away with it for all it's worth. 

Palworld will be released in early access on PC via Steam in January 2024. Recently, the developers released a Q&A video in which they provide more information on this really weird but interesting take on the Pokemon formula

If you're interested in seeing more Pokem... ahem... pals, you can check out Digitoise and LeezpunkFaleris and RobinquillTocotoco and LoupmoonGrizzbolt and LifmunkEikthyrdeer, GobfinDinossom, and Anubis


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